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Fic Post: The Rose Ch 2

The Rose Ch 2

Zayn sends Niall a text saying he won't be back to the apartment til late. Niall texts back that it's fine Josh is coming over again anyways. Zayn can't think of any of his friends who he spends as much time with as Niall and Josh spend with each other.

Zayn heads over to the local bar, that isn't officially a gay bar there just happens to be a lot of gay guys who go there. It's probably 'cause the owner plays Madonna and Beyonce that people just assume it's a gay bar.

Zayn doesn't actually like going out to bars and clubs. He likes staying home and just chilling, drawing or smoking. Zayn sits at a table for a while as he cruises the place.

There's a guy by the juke box that is blond and has a toned body. He's a possibility. Zayn continues looking. There's a guy in his early forties that won't stop looking at Zayn. Zayn breathes out a laugh and then finds a guy who he think will do just fine.

This guy is probably around Zayn's age if not a bit older. He looks confident and that's what Zayn needs. Zayn can be a bit intimidating cause he's actually ridiculously good looking or so Louis has told him. And he has these 'fuck me' eyes that makes it hard for anyone to think around him--again, Louis. The guy has dirty blond hair and a band t-shirt on. He has an eyebrow ring that Zayn can't decide if he likes or not.

Zayn goes over to him, puts his hand on the guy's chest and whispers, “Fuck me.” Not even as a question but as a statement.

The guy looks at Zayn with hungry eyes, and Zayn smoulders back at him. They make their way to the washroom not going into a stall or locking the door. If you go to the bathroom at this bar you know what to expect. Zayn's surprised the owner of the bar hasn't put a stop to hook ups in the bathroom. Although the owner by now probably just rolls with it, knowing his bar is successful because it's a discreet place to hook up.

Zayn hands the guy a condom and lube right away. Zayn bends over the sink and he can see himself in the mirror. The guy pulls Zayn's pants down with a bit of effort since they are tight skinny jeans. Zayn gasps as he feels the guy put a lubed up finger in his ass. The guy moves his finger in and out of Zayn for quite a while. Which does little to nothing for Zayn.

Zayn pushes himself against the man's finger, wanting more.

“C'mon, eh? No time to be nice.” Zayn says as he looks at the guy's reflection in the mirror with half lidded eyes.

“Fuckin', shit, shit, shit-” The guy continues to curse as he adds two more fingers. Which makes Zayn gasp 'cause yeah no one needs niceness right now, but a little bit of consideration for Zayn's ass is appreciated.

The guy works Zayn's ass moving his fingers in and out scissoring Zayn open. Zayn grabs his own dick and starts to jerk himself off. He grunts when he gets the rhythm just right.

“Can I? Now?” The guy whines.

“Condom?” Zayn asks harshly.

“One second,” The guy says, “Shit, I can't fuckin' wait. You're like the hottest guy I've fucked. Probably the hottest guy I've seen in my life.” The guy laughs lightly.

Zayn sits there taking the guy’s compliments not really sure how to respond. Zayn feels a pressure on his ass hole from the guy putting his cock in at such a fast pace.

Zayn bites his bottom lip and exhales. The guy gets all the way in and is a bit smaller than what Zayn hoped for. The guy starts with short quick thrusts that create a dirty smacking sound that fills the room. Zayn closes his eyes and works his own cock. His mouth hangs open as he grips the sink.

The guys rhythm is almost completely gone as he does uneven thrusts that are mixed up between short and long. “I think I'm gonna-” The guy chokes out.

Zayn quirks an eyebrow like 'already?'.

Zayn's hand moves faster around his prick and his legs start to shake when he moves his hand just right. The guy kisses Zayn's shoulder blades causing Zayn to open his eyes. He is not here for getting emotional over a one night stand in a bar bathroom. Zayn's about to say something but the guy hits Zayn's prostate making Zayn moan.

“Oh, fuck,” The guy says cause the noise Zayn just made is so good.

Zayn breathes heavily he feels like the room is burning he's sweating so much. After a few more thrusts the guy comes and collapses on Zayn's back. Which does not make Zayn happy, but Zayn works through it until he comes two minutes later.

The guy tries to talk to Zayn afterwards showering compliments on him, none of it meaning much to Zayn. Zayn nods as he pulls his pants up and checks his hair in the mirror. The guy is still blabbering while Zayn exits the bathroom. Zayn can hear the guy shouting for his number but Zayn doesn't even look back. He walks out of the bar and continues on home.


Zayn works Friday not a particularly long shift but he's still there over lunch time. He looks up when the doors open which he usually never does. His heart beat speeding up every time. Each time he looks up only to see slobbering children, polite but shy teenage girls or weird guys that stick around the counter too long trying to strike up a conversation with Zayn. The kind of guys who want to brag that they are friends with the local comic book guy to all their nerd friends. Louis doesn't even show up, which makes the day even more disappointing.

Zayn works over the weekend as well. He keeps telling himself the odds of Liam coming in on a weekend are definitely zero percent. That doesn't stop him from looking up when the door opens every time. Louis comes in that Saturday and they just talk about whatever Louis wants to talk about. Zayn really just appreciating the distraction and the company.

When it is Sunday Zayn doesn't look up at the door nearly as quickly. By the end of the day he hardly looks up at all. Louis stops by again but only for about five seconds because Harry's at home. And Louis finds nothing funnier than being sinful with Harry than on the holiest day of the week.

Zayn goes to the bar again that night finding a guy with a buzz cut to give him a blow job. Zayn fingers his own ass hole and over dramatically sighs trying to urge the guy on cause he can tell this guy is nervous.

Zayn is late getting home, but Niall doesn't mind 'cause Josh is over. They are hanging in Niall's room probably playing video games but who knows, Zayn doesn't ask. Zayn lies on his own bed feeling really worn out.

On Monday Zayn feels like he's being charged by electricity. He feels overly aware of the people coming in to the store and what they are talking about. When Louis comes in he makes sure to only look at Louis and not at the people coming in. Just in case Louis can sense he's on edge.

Eventually Zayn closes shop with once again no sign of Liam. He feels like a complete arse for actually thinking Liam would come back. Even more of an arse for getting worked up over a guy he knows nothing about.

Zayn spends the night with Niall watching the Game of Thrones episode Zayn missed on Sunday. Zayn manages to make himself forget about Liam and get fully invested in the episode. Which isn't hard cause it's a good episode and also Niall makes everything in the show seem so funny. Though Niall could make an old episode of The Waltons into the best show ever. Niall asks stupid questions that make Zayn laugh 'cause he's not sure if Niall's serious or not. Niall also adds in quips of what he thinks the characters are actually thinking which always has Zayn laughing almost to the point of tears.

Afterwards Niall and Zayn drink some beers as Niall gets out his guitar and plays Zayn a few songs he's been trying to plan out. Zayn helps out telling him what sounds best or what sounds a bit similar to another song. Zayn sings along with Niall as they try to get the lyrics right. Niall whining that Zayn has such an amazing singing voice and he'd love it if Zayn could sit in with the band at a gig.

They fall asleep on the couch, Niall resting his head on Zayn's chest. Zayn softly and steadily breathes while Niall snores loudly and twitches in his sleep. A beer can fallen on the floor and staining the carpet. It's all a weird sort of perfect and normal that makes Zayn feel happy and warm.


Zayn wakes when he hears his phone ringing. He gets up, gently pushing Niall off him as he tries to look for his phone. He finds it under the old pizza box on the kitchen table. The phone has stopped ringing now, Zayn hopes it's not work trying to tell him to come in on his day off.

The last missed call was from Zayn's mum, making him sigh in relief. He clicks the number and holds his phone up to his ear.

“Zayn! Hello, dear!” His mum greets. “Did I wake you?”

Zayn rubs the sleep out of his eye, “Yeah, but s'fine.”

“Oh, I'm sorry, sunshine,” His mum apologizes.

“How are ya, Mum?” Zayn asks.

“Good, yeah,” His mum says, “Safaa, Waliyha and I went to the mall yesterday and I saw a poster for a new Spiderman movie and was wondering if you'd heard of it?”

Zayn smiles to himself, “Yes, Mum I've heard of it.”

“I thought you would have, I just know that you like the superhero movies so I wanted to make sure.” His mum replies. Zayn loves that his mum calls to tell him about stuff she knows Zayn likes. It may be an excuse just to talk to him but Zayn finds it really sweet.

“Anything else new?” His mum asks. “Any new people?” She hints.

“No, Mum,” Zayn's too tired to talk about this right now.

“Okay, Zayn,” His mum doesn't push it. “Oh, Doniya says she won't visit for a while because she's suddenly swamped in essays right now.”

“Oh, okay,” Zayn answers.

“Yeah, she sounds really busy so it could be a while,” His mum says. “I really hope you visit us, Zayn.”

“Of course mum!” Zayn says. “I love seeing you guys.”

“I know, we love seeing you too,” His mum replies fondly. “Well, I should get going, you sound tired. I love you, Zayn!”

“Love you too, Mum,” Zayn smiles back. He presses end on his phone and goes to clean up the kitchen.


The week goes on and Zayn is back to his usual self at the shop. Being distant with customers and judging the guys who talk too long. A guy comes up to Louis to ask him questions 'cause he thinks Louis works there. A gaggle of teenage girls come up to Zayn and asks for recommendations. They giggle the whole time and their cheeks are flushed. He waves them goodbye in confusion and Louis informs Zayn that those girl's have it bad for him.

Things like that make Zayn think how easy it'd be for him to just fall in line and live a simple life. A life with a wife, kids and a dog. A cookie cutter life. To be the good looking guy at the comic book store who falls in love and marries a girl who is a reliable customer. The wedding speeches being cheesy and annoying with things like, “I would give her free comics in hopes she'd go out with me.” or “The only real fight we've had is who would win: Batman or Superman?” Each polite joke earning hearty laughter from their family and friends. Their grandparents looking on fondly as Zayn's mum makes a joke about grandchildren. They have their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Zayn Malik while a band plays. Maybe Niall's band or a band that his wife's cousin is in. Everyone has a good time, no one is offended by the politics of it and everyone just praises what a good looking couple they are.


Zayn continues going to the bar during the week. He hooks up with one guy who looks really young. Zayn asks him how old he is but he keeps saying that he swears he's eighteen he just forgot his I.D at home. Zayn takes him into the bathroom and they just make out for a really long time. It's amazing how fast time goes when you are making out though. The guy starts to rub his clothed erection on Zayn's leg. He says he's sorry, but he doesn't stop. Zayn doesn't blame him.


Eventually two weeks has gone by and Zayn hardly thinks about Liam. He's working another long shift at the shop that day and Louis said he's sorry but he won't be in. Zayn is crouched down working on the pokemon display in the counter showcase.

He can hear a group of girls talking about the manga section with excited laughter. Zayn doesn't pay much attention. He hears the door open and doesn't look up. The Growlithe action figure he's trying to stand up refuses to stop falling.

“Fancy seeing you here,” Zayn hears someone say. Zayn looks up through the glass of the counter to see Liam.

Zayn gets up quickly hitting his head pretty hard on the top of the counter. “Oh shit! Are you alright?” Liam asks with concern.

Zayn stands up rubbing his head, “Yeah, s'fine.” Which is a lie cause his head is hurting like hell right now. He adjusts his glasses on his face and looks back at Liam.

“I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you.” Liam says with apologetic eyes.

Zayn shakes his head, “S'fine, really.”

Liam exhales and smiles, “You probably didn't notice but I haven't been in lately.” Zayn nods. It's funny how Liam thinks he can walk into someone's life and think he could be forgotten. Zayn doesn't mention that he actually did notice Liam hasn't been in and that Liam was all he could think about for a while.

“I missed Wednesday and I know it's a long shot but do you still have a copy of Batman Eternal?” Liam asks without much hope.

Zayn tries to think for a second, “Oh, I don't know let me check.” He turns around to check in the boxes behind him.

“Wow! You seriously might have it?” Zayn looks back and Liam is smiling so hugely he can't help but stare a second too long.

Zayn turns away from Liam to continue looking into the boxes , “We keep copies for customers if they request it.” Zayn pushes his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “There's this one guy who tells us to save like every comic on the shelf but he never shows up to get them.”

Liam looks on as Zayn tries to find the comic, “Here!” Zayn says way more happier than he meant to.

“Thank you so much!” Liam says as Zayn passes him the comic. “Will the guy mind though?”

Zayn shrugs, “He'll mind when he comes in, for sure. But he'll come months from now so really it's his lost.”

Liam looks at the comic in his hands. “I should pay you back in some way.”

Zayn furrows his brow, “Well, the comic is three dollars...”

Liam laughs and Zayn is captivated by him, “No, like I should take you out to dinner or coffee 'cause you're gonna get in trouble for me.”

Zayn stares blankly at Liam. Coffee and dinner have such different meanings. Coffee is like casual and easy to walk away from. Dinner is... well, it means a lot. You can't walk away at least not without some difficulty. Then you have to decide who pays the bill. Also if Liam pays does that mean that Zayn will have to put out? Zayn's taking a bit long to answer now.

“Or we don't have to,” Liam says.

“Dinner would be alright,” Zayn answers surprising himself.

Liam smiles, he hands Zayn three dollars (plus tax) and also his business card, “Dinner it is.” He winks at Zayn and it's endearing cause Liam can't really manage a wink without his other eye twitching. Which should be a turn off but Zayn is clearly in deep for this guy.

Zayn punches in Liam's order into the cash register. “I can keep whichever comics you want til you get here every week?” This is Zayn's feeble attempt at maybe seeing Liam after dinner as well.

“Yeah?” Liam's face lights up, “You won't sell them to other people if I don't come in?”

“I'll wait as long as it takes.” Zayn answers and it startles him 'cause he's worried he's not talking about comic books when he says that.

“Thanks, mate. I'll give you a list at dinner.” Liam's eyes twinkle when he smiles, “This new Italian place opened a few blocks away, we could go there.”

Zayn's palms get clammy, “Yeah, sure.”

“Tonight?” Liam asks.

“Oh,” Zayn says. That's a lot sooner than he'd thought it'd be.

“Are you busy? Sorry, it is kind'a sudden,” Liam asks with a bit of distress in his voice.

The idea that Zayn's night would be busy makes Zayn laugh internally. “No, no, tonight... tonight's good.” And Zayn smiles, a real smile, not his fake smile that his mum doesn't like when they take pictures as a family. His real glowing smile. It's crazy that Liam has just met Zayn and is capable of making Zayn smile like this. He's smiling in a way that wrinkles his nose and creates crinkles by his eyes. Liam smiles back fondly like maybe he knows this smile is a big deal. But he doesn't. How could he?

“I'll pick you up? Text me your address, my numbers on the card.” Liam waves Zayn good bye and walks out of the store.

Zayn feels his body vibrating like it's charged by electricity again. He looks down at Liam's business card and it's really fancy looking. It's professional and mature which makes Zayn feel like maybe Liam is too good for him.

He serves all the other customers that come in that day with a clouded mind. Saying “Thanks for coming in,” when he should've said, “That'll be sixteen dollars.” He closes up shop and texts Louis and Harry to come over to his apartment. He doesn't want to really, 'cause he knows they'll just tease him about Liam all night. But Zayn has no fucking clue what to wear, do, or say for his dinner with Liam tonight.

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