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Fic Post: The Rose Ch 4

The Rose Ch 4

The next day goes by fast, if not too fast. Zayn weirdly has the day off which is awesome. He goes downtown to do some of his street art. Maybe not the brightest idea to do graffiti during the daytime but Zayn's been itching to do some art.

He finds an alley with a used bookstore on one side and a twenty-four seven taco restaurant on the other. He puts on a bandanna over his mouth and nose to stop himself from breathing in the fumes. He shakes the can of spray paint and begins his process. He puts his all into this work, standing back from it a lot just so he can examine what he's done so far. He takes hours to finish it all and be happy with it.

People walk by but don't see Zayn, Zayn doesn't get worried when people walk by anymore. No one reports him and if they do they give him a warning first. Also this alley is disgusting and he's pretty sure no one cares.

He steps back and he's pretty sure he's done now. He's been working on it for like three hours and he kind'a should head on over to Niall's gig.

He examines the work with a critical eye, this is the most personal one he's done. It's cheesy as hell, but Zayn doesn't care. What he's painted is a seed that looks dead, it doesn't look capable of really anything. It's lying in a pile of snow and it looks like it's been there for a long time. He's signs the painting with his trademark 'zap' in the bottom right corner. The detail is crazy in the picture, it took Zayn what feels like decades to learn how to paint snow so well. The whole thing looks haunting, even though it's so simple it just sends a chill down your spine like you could tell whoever painted it was really upset or something.

Zayn nods at it pleased by the outcome. He packs up his stuff and heads home to drop his stuff off and then go to Niall's gig.


He arrives at the restaurant around eight o'clock. It's started to pour outside luckily Zayn made it before he got soaked. He makes his way to the back of the restaurant, Niall waving happily to Zayn as he tunes his guitar. Zayn looks over at the booth him and his friends usually sit at. Louis and Harry are on one side of the booth and Liam is on the other. Of course the guys planned it so Zayn had to sit beside Liam.

“Hey,” Zayn greets as he slides in beside Liam. Liam looks over at Zayn surprised to see him. Zayn looks at Liam with dark unreadable eyes.

“Hi,” Liam breathes out unsure what Zayn's thinking. Their eyes linger on each other until Zayn looks down at his lap. He can sense Liam's eyes are still on him like he's trying to figure Zayn out.

While Zayn's looking down his eyes wander to go Liam's forearm. He raises his eyebrows to see Liam has tattoos, quite a few on his right arm. Zayn can't seem to stop looking at them. Zayn wants to distance himself from Liam tonight but god, it's going to be hard now. Louis' eyebrows waggle at Zayn like he knows exactly what Zayn is thinking.

The tension between Zayn and Liam is incredible. Every time they look at each other you can tell all they want to do is devour each other. When their bodies actually touch it's like an electric shock that can't seem to be broken. Whenever Zayn looks over at Liam he has these begging dark eyes that seem to be urging Liam over. Liam notices the way Zayn is looking at him and he'll pause whatever he's saying 'cause he's so captivated by Zayn.

Niall goes on to his second song in the set list. It's has a pop punk sort of vibe and Niall likes to grab his crotch a lot when he sings it and his hands are free from his guitar.

"He's really good," Liam nods his head over at Niall.

"Yeah, he loves the spotlight," Zayn agrees.

Harry eats a plate of chicken wings dipped in Thai sauce. He eyes both Zayn and Liam clearly aware of the sexual tension between them.

"What were you up to today, Zayn? I didn't hear from you," Louis wonders.

Zayn shrugs looking away from Louis focusing his attention on Niall, "Out." Zayn states plainly.

Louis perks up like he knows exactly what Zayn is talking about. "Right... Out."

"Out where?" Liam asks. Zayn doesn't look over like maybe he didn't hear what Liam said.

"Zayn is artistic," Louis responds. Zayn glares at Louis, "What? I didn't say anything! It's true you draw and shit."

"You draw?" Liam asks like Louis just said Zayn is capable of magic.

"Uh, yeah," Zayn admits.

"That is so sick!" Liam exclaims. Zayn looks at Liam with big eyes in surprise. He can feel his cheeks heat up because Liam looks so happy with him.

Zayn's art is personal to him. He works so hard on it and rarely shows anyone no matter how much they ask. It's a talent that's been passed down through his family and to think that Liam appreciates this talent means something to him.

"Can you draw something right now?" Liam asks as he moves his unused napkin over to Zayn and gets the pen out from his shirt's front pocket.

Zayn can't believe he likes a guy who carries pens in his pocket like a nerd. This is the first time Zayn's seen Liam without a suit on and Liam looks damn good. He's wearing a dark brown shirt with half sleeves and a button down v-neck. Which of course Liam has done up none of the buttons revealing his chest hair that is driving Zayn crazy with the need to run his fingers through it. Liam is wearing tight fitting jeans that Zayn stops himself from looking at. Liam's bulge is big and noticeable as he sits down at the booth.

"Zayn doesn't usually just draw when people ask him to," Harry says Louis nods in agreement as he steals one of Harry's wings.

"No, it's okay, I'll just do something quick." Zayn shrugs starting to draw.

Louis and Harry look at each other in disbelief, "You are something special, Liam. He never draws for anyone."

Liam is trying to see what Zayn is drawing but can't 'cause Zayn is too close to the paper. "Who are you drawing? Are you drawing me?" Liam questions.

Zayn smiles at his drawing at Liam’s questions. Those are the kind of things he would be asked in grade school.

Liam smiles down at Zayn, his body is pressed against Zayn's trying to get a better view. The closeness comforts Zayn and he leans into Liam wondering if Liam noticed.

"Done." Zayn sits up moving the napkin over to Liam. They sit up but are still leaning into each other.

"That was so fast!" Liam says amazed leaning down quickly to look at the drawing.

"Just a doodle," Zayn shrugs noticing how Louis is eyeing him with an amused expression.

"It's a wolf," Liam notices. "It's crazy good, Zayn." Liam smiles at Zayn with a genuine expression that shows how impressed he is. Zayn watches Liam as Liam looks over his art. Liam's eyes are bright and childlike, clearly very impressed. Zayn gets an overwhelming urge to kiss Liam but tightens his grip on his knees so he won't move.

“I'm gonna keep this forever,” Liam says as he puts it in his shirt's pocket along with his pen.

“You don't have to do that, seriously it's just a doodle,” Zayn says. Harry and Louis are just watching them talk thinking either Zayn and Liam are going to pounce each other at some point.

Liam looks at Zayn with a teasing look that says, try-to-stop-me. Their faces are inches apart and Zayn can smell Liam's cologne. Liam keeps eyeing Zayn's pouty lips then looks back into his eyes. Zayn is breathing heavily unable to take this any longer. Zayn can barely hear the song Niall is singing or the rain outside he's just so lost looking at Liam.

“You guys are making me sexually frustrated just watching you two!” Louis groans, startling Zayn. Zayn moves away from Liam so his ass is seated right at the edge of the booth.

“Kiss!” Harry whines stomping his foot.

Zayn shakes his head with a snarl looking down at his own wrist tattoo, “It's not like that.” Liam looks away from Zayn with a hurt expression and chews his bottom lip. Niall's music seems so loud now Zayn can't even think. Louis is looking at Zayn with a disappointed glare, while Harry looks at Liam with a soft sympathetic expression.

“Zayn,” Louis says aggressively. Zayn doesn't look over instead he watches Niall perform. Niall's wailing into the microphone with a huge smile as he strums his guitar. Calum and Luke are jumping around stage and singing into the same microphone. Josh is behind them all playing the drums with a concentrated expression. Watching them almost takes Zayn's mind off Louis glaring him down right now.

Harry tries to make a joke of it all, “Alright, Zayn, it's not like that. I'm sure Niall won't come home to you and Liam fucking on the kitchen counter confessing your undying love.” He winks.

Zayn stands up looking severely angry, “That is never, ever going to happen! Mind your own fuckin' business!” he shouts. “Leave me alone, eh? Fuck!”

“Hey!” Louis stands up with a hand on Harry's shoulder. No one yells at Harry, especially not one of his friends. Louis looks so upset with Zayn and he has gone into protection mode over Harry. Harry's looking down at his thumbs with furrowed brows as he bites the inside of his cheek. Niall is still singing but looking over with confused interest.

Zayn feels his stomach sink at the sight of his friends looking so upset and hurt by him, “I'm uh... fuck...” Zayn breathes looking at the floor so he doesn't have to see his friend's faces. Zayn nods quickly at Niall and then heads out of the restaurant into the pouring rain. He's soaked straight through his clothes just in the first twenty seconds of being out there. It sucks that it's raining too 'cause Zayn would kill for a cigarette right now. His hair is flat against his head and his tank top is now damp and stuck skin tight to his chest. He runs a hand over his face feeling refreshed by the rain. He lets out a breath and starts to walk towards home, not caring about how pathetic he may look without an umbrella.

“Zayn! Please wait!” Zayn startles at the sound of Liam shouting after him.

“Leave me alone, Liam!” Zayn snarls as he looks back at Liam who’s running towards him.

Liam looks at Zayn with an upset expression, Zayn feels like that's the face he actually always deserved from Liam. Zayn's heart sinks and his shoulders sag. This is it, whatever he has or had with Liam it's over. So why does he feel like crap about that?

“I don't understand, Zayn...” Liam talks over the rain. “I don't know what I did wrong.” Hearing Liam think he's done something wrong crushes Zayn. He looks so sad and confused and it's breaking Zayn.

“No, Liam.” Zayn looks over his shoulder then down at their feet, “I...”

“I know I fucked up with the restaurant that one time, I wasn't thinking,” Liam says.

“Liam, that wasn't a big deal, don't blame yourself,” Zayn says looking at Liam with begging eyes. Begging Liam to stop blaming himself and also begging Liam to just let Zayn go.

Liam licks his lips, “Can you tell me what is wrong then, Zayn?” Liam furrows his brows. “I don't understand what this is, or what you're feeling! You don't talk!”

Zayn moves a few steps back but Liam doesn't budge. “It's nothing,” Zayn says almost too quietly to hear in the rain. Liam's shirt is clinging to his chest looking like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. His six pack is so visible Liam might as well not wear a shirt at all. Zayn's brain is fuzzing with wanting to run away, from being overly emotional at the moment and also from not being able to stop looking at Liam.

“Zayn, if you don't want to see me again, just say it!” Liam shouts over the rain.

“I don't want that!” Zayn shouts, the rain drops clinging to his eyelashes. “I would never want that!”

“What is this then?!” Liam moves a hand between himself and Zayn. “Please tell me what's going on! I can't deal with this, Zayn! Talk to me!” Zayn's body is shaking as he looks at the ground. “Zayn! Talk to me please!”

Zayn can't take it anymore. He moves quickly and kisses Liam. Liam makes a muffled noise like he was going to continue talking but it turns into a sigh. Zayn puts his chest flush against Liam's and can feel Liam's ragged breaths. Liam runs a hand through Zayn's wet hair like maybe he always wanted to do that. Zayn's tongue invades Liam's mouth and Zayn groans when Liam returns the favour. Zayn places a hand on Liam's chest feeling Liam's rippling muscles. It's all so amazing, it feels like fireworks are going off in Zayn's stomach. The rain is heavily pouring on them but they don't mind. It's actually making things kind of more fun. Zayn sucks on Liam's bottom lip, he then stops kissing Liam and steps back.

Liam inhales looking at Zayn hoping he'll talk. His cheeks are flushed pink which spreads down his neck and over to his ears. Zayn's lips are swollen from kissing Liam so hard.

“I'm scared,” Zayn speaks simply.

Liam looks worried. “What?” He reaches a hand out and places it on Zayn's arm, feeling Zayn's soaked wet skin. “I scare you?”

“No,” Zayn whispers and Liam comes closer to Zayn so he can hear him over the rain. Zayn rests his head against Liam's forehead 'cause touching Liam seems to comfort him. He lets out a shaky breath, “I don't do the whole... relationship thing.”

Liam exhales, Zayn notices Liam relax, “I'm like really serious right now, mate.” Zayn says.

“I'm just happy you aren't scared of me.” Liam smiles rain dripping of his chin. His stubble growing in nicely.

“Of course I'm not scared of you,” Zayn kisses Liam's lips lightly, happy that he can finally do this. Liam leans into the kiss trying to deepen it but Zayn reluctantly pulls back. “It's just I don't do relationships and I'm scared 'cause you are making me rethink that.” Zayn licks his lips, “And I don't wanna just be your fuck buddy.”

Liam moves closer to Zayn after hearing the word 'fuck' and Zayn's skin prickles with want. A car honks its horn at them, “Fags!” A guy shouts as his friend laughs in the passenger seat.

Zayn jumps away from Liam running a hand through his flat, wet hair. His heart is beating like it's gonna jump out of his chest.

Liam looks unfazed by the drivers shout and more surprised Zayn moves away. Zayn puts his hands out in front of him. He looks frazzled again like when Liam followed him out, “I just-” He breathes heavily thoughts of guys calling him names in high school ringing in his ears, “I'm not... successful and proud like you. You can drive and you have a great job. You're rich and fucking gorgeous as hell. Like crazy sexy. You deserve a guy who can give you the world.”

Liam's eyes are so soft Zayn thinks he's gonna melt into the ground from how sweet Liam looks. “You really have no clue how great you are, do you?” Liam says, making Zayn scoff in disbelief.

“Really!” Liam pushes Zayn's shoulder playfully. “You're like... perfect, Zayn. I'm not lying!” Liam laughs out when he sees Zayn shaking his head quickly.

“You work at a comic book store which I think is the coolest job ever. You are kind, passionate and really complicated and interesting. You have great music and movie taste. You are probably the sexiest guy I've seen in my life and that includes every celebrity I can think of.” Liam says trying to get Zayn to look him in the eyes. “We can work on you coming out as slowly as you want to. There's no pressure.” Liam breathes out, “I just... I really want to try this whole relationship thing with you.”

Zayn finally looks up at Liam, he breathes in deeply thinking everything over. His palms go clammy and his cheeks heat up because of Liam's compliments. “You really think that about me?” He asks in disbelief.

“God, Zayn, I'd have to be the dimmest person in the world to not think that about you!” Liam praises.

Zayn feels like his heart is swelling and becoming too big for his chest. He gives Liam one of his rare genuine smiles. Liam smiles widely back at him and it's like looking into the sun.

Zayn doesn't wanna ruin his relationship with Liam, he also doesn't wanna lose him or get tossed aside and lied to like what his past boyfriends did to him. His feelings for Liam scare the shit out of him but he also really wants to be with Liam. Fuck, he wants to be with Liam and more than just sex but be with him through everything.

“I'll do it,” Zayn laughs despite himself.

“Yeah?” Liam exclaims.

“Yeah,” Zayn shrugs, “God, I can't believe I said that.”

Zayn's body relaxes which is weird 'cause Zayn wasn't even aware he was tense. His muscles loosen and he feels a rush of happiness. A kind of happiness he has never really felt before.

Liam giggles and shrugs making Zayn swoon with how adorable he is, “C'mon, let's get out of the rain, man.”

They rush over to Liam's car with huge smiles on their faces. Although it really is useless ‘cause they're already soaked to the bone. They sit down in their seats and close their doors, Liam in the driver's seat and Zayn is sitting shotgun beside him. The rain is falling down heavily on the car creating a loud hollow sounding noise. Liam goes to do up his seat belt but Zayn stops him by crawling over and straddling Liam's lap.

“Wanted to do this since I met you, Daddy,” Zayn squirms in Liam's lap their pants tight and wet as they rub against each other.

“Daddy?” Liam raises his eyebrows with a smile.

“Mhmmm...” Zayn hums in agreement as he starts kissing Liam's neck. His right hand massages the short hairs on the back of Liam's neck while his left hand goes up under Liam's shirt. Zayn feels the defined muscle there as his hand combs through Liam's chest hair.

Liam's hands cup Zayn's small, flat ass as Zayn grinds his crotch against Liam's crotch. “Fuck, I want you so bad,” Zayn breathes.

Liam groans thrusting upwards to get better friction from Zayn, “You're kind of a living wet dream, you know that?” Liam says. Zayn sighs happily as he finishes kissing and licking Liam's neck leaving a dark red mark there. Zayn nuzzles his nose against the scruff on Liam's chin inhaling Liam's colonge.

Zayn's left hand lifts Liam's shirt revealing Liam's amazing six pack. “Wanna see you,” Zayn sighs looking at Liam with dark needy eyes.

“Fuck,” Liam attempts to take off his soaking wet shirt but it gets caught around his head. Zayn laughs and helps him take the shirt off all the way.

“Hey,” Zayn says when he can see Liam's face again.

“Hi,” Liam smiles, squeezing Zayn's ass cheeks. Liam leans in kissing Zayn harshly. Zayn makes a muffled sound then sighs as Liam's plump lips attack Zayn's pouty ones. Zayn's fingernails dig into Liam's chest leaving pink marks in the shape of small crescent moons. Liam is aggressively kissing Zayn and Zayn tries to keep up with sloppy kisses. Zayn leans back into a submissive pose trying to tell Liam he can do what he wants with him. Instead of being sexy and smooth though Zayn leans back onto the steering wheel and the car honks loudly.

Zayn and Liam both startle at the sound. The sound cutting through the silence and intimacy of the situation inside the car. Liam lifts his hands from Zayn's ass and holds them up like a police officer told him to raise his hands. Zayn moves very fast from the steering wheel and leans his body flat against Liam's. Zayn's breathing is ragged, when he heard that noise his brain immediately thought it was someone honking at Liam and him again. Liam starts to laugh really hard and Zayn moves his body so he can see Liam's face. Zayn just looks at Liam still breathing heavily, his stomach feeling tight with nerves.

Liam notices Zayn looks scared shitless, “Hey, hey,” Liam places his right hand on the side of Zayn's face. He caresses Zayn's cheek with his thumb. “Babe, it's fine, it's all fine.”

“I just thought it was someone yelling again...” Zayn whispers, Liam can feel Zayn's body slightly shaking.

“No, no, I'm with you, you're fine, everything is fine.” Liam pulls Zayn into a hug and Zayn collapses into it. He holds Liam breathing, his scent in.

Being in Liam's arms makes him feel safe like he believes Liam when he says 'everything is fine'.

They sit like that for five more minutes, just holding each other. At first they hold each other because Zayn was scared. Now they are holding each other because they finally can and it feels like they waited a century to do so.

“This is like really nasty right now,” Zayn says breaking the silence.

“What?” Liam asks confused.

Zayn sits up straight from leaning on Liam, “We're soaked from the rain, and my skin is getting itchy from it. It's gross.” Zayn smiles with a slight laugh.

“I feel like I've wet my pants,” Liam starts laughing.

Zayn laughs really hard as he gets up off of Liam falling on to the passenger seat. “This is gross! We need to change!”

“Right, right!” Liam laughs as he starts the car and turns on the radio. The rain is still coming down hard as they drive away. Zayn feeling disgusting in his wet clothes but still feeling happier than he has in years.


They arrive at Zayn's apartment and Zayn invites Liam upstairs. Not really thinking about what taking Liam upstairs implies. Both complaining about how disgusting they feel right now. Zayn unlocks the apartment door and no one is inside. Unsure if that means Niall's doing another one of his long ass encores or if the guys just wanna give Zayn space right now. Liam looks around Zayn's apartment while Zayn closes the door behind them.

“This is your place, eh?” Liam says in wonderment.

Zayn suddenly feels embarrassed about his apartment. “Oh, yeah, it's uh...” He tries to view his apartment with new eyes while also trying to see from Liam's point of view. It's a very minimalist apartment. It's open concept with the family room attached to the kitchen. While three more rooms for Niall's bedroom, Zayn's bedroom and the bathroom. Nothing fancy, the walls aren't even painted. Zayn eyes the cans of spray paint he dropped on the floor also the garbage on the kitchen counter. The apartment is too small and now the messes around the house just seem to fill it up.

Liam just says, “It's quaint.”

Zayn laughs, “That means it's shit, you're just too nice to say it, Liam.”

Zayn takes off his shirt revealing his skinny toned frame, Zayn holds his damp shirt in his hand. Liam gawks at Zayn's body and he this is the first time Liam's really seen it.

“I'm gonna take a shower... do you wanna come?” Zayn asks nonchalantly to Liam. Liam looks up from eyeing Zayn's chest to look up at Zayn's face.

“Yeah, yeah,” Liam chokes out clearly overwhelmed at the moment.

Zayn walks over to the bathroom, Liam's heavy footfalls heard behind him. The bathroom is really, really small with just a tiny shower, an old toilet and a sink. It's decently clean though which is nice especially since Liam's seeing it for the first time.

Zayn turns on the shower and checks the temperature, reaching a hand out under the water. He turns around and Liam is staring at the dimples right above Zayn's ass. “Take off your clothes,” Zayn commands as he stares at Liam waiting for him to undress.

Liam's face flushes and Zayn smirks. Liam removes his soaking wet shirt with a little difficulty. Zayn can feel his dick twitch and palms a hand over it. Liam gulps as he watches Zayn touch himself. Liam's body is thick and built. He is decently big compared to Zayn, taller and wider. Liam is ripped, he looks like he must spend hours in the gym.

Zayn grunts out, “Keep going,” He palms his cock through his pants. Liam is captivated in watching Zayn touch himself. Liam's face turns even more red and it spreads down to his chest as he starts undoing the zipper of his pants. His jeans are clingy to his legs making them hard to take off. Not to mention Liam's hands are sweating like crazy.

Liam stands there in just his briefs in front of Zayn. His body dusted with chest hair, dark leg hair, and a happy trail that has Zayn licking his lips. Liam's dick is erect and creating an obscene tent in his underwear. Zayn undoes his pants zipper and reaches into his underwear and slowly starts stroking his cock. Liam quickly takes off his briefs stepping out of them and almost falling over.

“Fucking shit, Zayn,” Liam breathes. Zayn looks like a proper slut standing there touching himself, no shirt and pants still on. His dark red cock peeking out from his underwear.

Zayn smirks and breathes heavily his face flushed with arousal. He quickly peels his pants off, revealing skinny, hairy legs that are weirdly endearing. He pulls down his black briefs and stumbles out of them.

“Get in the shower, Zayn, I'm going to burst!” Liam says gruffly, Zayn smiles at Liam's neediness as he steps into the hot steamy shower.

Before Zayn can turn around Liam grabs Zayn from behind. Pushing his front against Zayn's back, Liam's hands on Zayn's hips holding him in place. Liam starts to rut his cock against Zayn's ass crack.

“Ahh!” Liam gasps as he starts moving really fast against Zayn, not entering him yet. “Mmmm, Zayn, oh fuck!”

Zayn leans back against Liam his eyes scrunched tight as his head leans back onto Liam's shoulder.

He's working his cock impressively fast and it all feels so good. The hot water rains down on them, refreshing their damp bodies. Not only does the intimacy feel good or the water but the fact that this is Liam with Zayn. Zayn's body relaxes into Liam's like the tension between them is resolved. Also the tightness and rigidness Zayn's now realizing he was living with seems to leave him.

“Want you in my mouth,” Zayn moans out making Liam dig his fingernails deeper into Zayn's hips.

“Fuck yes,” Liam says.

Zayn smiles at Liam's curse words intrigued to find out Liam swears a lot when he's with someone like this. Liam lets Zayn's hips go and Zayn moves around so he's facing Liam. Zayn slowly gets onto his knees never breaking eye contact with Liam.

Liam places a hand on the side of Zayn's face. Feeling his defined cheek bones and placing his thumb on Zayn's bottom lip. Zayn takes that as an invitation and starts to suck on Liam's thumb. Liam gasps as Zayn doesn't break eye contact as his lips form perfectly around Liam's thumb. Looking like his lips were made for sucking Liam off. Zayn's teeth scrape lightly on Liam's skin making Liam's skin prickle by how sensitive his thumb feels.

“Zayn, please c'mon!” Liam begs his cock now an angry red standing right in front of Zayn's face.

Zayn smirks around Liam's thumb taking it out of his mouth slowly and running his teeth over it. Liam moves his hand so it's cupping the side of Zayn's face again. Zayn licks and nips at Liam's inner thighs, achingly close to his cock. Liam's legs tremble when Zayn bites the spot right between Liam's upper thigh and dick.

Liam cries out with a needy noise and Zayn smirks. He looks directly into Liam's eyes as he takes Liam's cock into his mouth. Liam gasps and whimpers as Zayn's mouth forms perfectly around Liam's girth.

“Mmmm,” Zayn sighs out like Liam tastes delicious. His sighing creates a vibrating feeling on Liam's cock.

“Ah, Zayn!” Liam says as he starts fucking Zayn's mouth for a second, his hips moving quickly as Zayn tries to take it. “Shit, sorry, sorry, I got excited.”

Zayn hums around Liam's cock with as much of a smirk as he can manage. Zayn moves his hands so they hold onto Liam's ass. He looks at Liam, water droplets clinging to his eyelashes and shrugs.

“Seriously?” Liam breathes out stroking his thumb over Zayn's cheekbone.

Zayn manages an awkward head nod inviting Liam to continue. Liam whimpers as he begins to fuck Zayn's mouth. Zayn's fingernails dig into Liam's ass as he takes everything Liam has to offer. Liam starts off with long, slow thrusts that feel painfully good.

Zayn's own cock is achingly hard as it stands in between his legs. He takes his right hand away from Liam's ass and grabs hold of his cock stroking really fast and not stopping. He wants to cry out but his mouth is tight around Liam.

Liam notices Zayn's eyes screwed shut and his hand moving incredibly fast, “Are you getting off on this?”

Liam says his voice thick and deep. “Oh, Zayn, fuck!” Liam groans as he starts to fuck Zayn's mouth really fast.

Zayn can tell he's close, his cock a deep red and looking really angry. “Ah!” Zayn cries out around him. His cry sounding pornographic and whorish.

“Shit, Zayn, you're so good! Oh, fuck you have to see yourself right now,” Liam now fucking Zayn's mouth with reckless abandon. “You're a slut for it, eh? Like me fucking your mouth?”

Zayn looks up at Liam with dark eyes, his pupils huge with arousal. He makes his lips go tight around Liam even though he just wants to cry out because it all feels so good. Liam’s hips go fast but are now out of sync like he's losing control.

“Ah, Zayn!” Liam cries out, “I'm gonna- You should-” Liam says warning Zayn that he should move. But Zayn just tightens his mouth around Liam's cock in order to tell Liam he has no intention of leaving.

Liam's whole body shakes as he shouts out a mixture of different curse words as well as Zayn's name.

He scrunches his eyes shut as he comes down Zayn's throat. His hips jerking in small quick thrusts as he rides out his orgasm. Zayn starts to swallow all of Liam's cum but some manages to dribble onto his chin.

Liam's breathing is slow and shallow as he takes his hand that was on the side of Zayn's face away.

Zayn takes Liam's dick out of his mouth with a dirty popping noise. “Shit, Zayn,” Liam breathes out as he leans against the wall of the shower.

“Watch me, yeah, Daddy?” Zayn voice is ragged as hell and almost gone.

Liam licks his lips, “Yeah.” He looks at Zayn's face first. Zayn's lips swollen and a dark pink. Zayn's stubble and bottom lips slicked with Liam's cum. Then Liam looks down to Zayn's hand around his prick.

Zayn's hand starts to move quickly around his cock. He looks at Liam directly in the eyes and his mouth hangs open as small sighs come out.

Zayn leans his shoulders against the shower wall opposite Liam. He moves his legs so they aren't underneath him, but bent in front of him. His right hand is still working his dick as his sticks his left hand pointer finger up his ass hole.

“Liam, Ah!” Zayn's eyes are screwed tight. Liam can tell Zayn's erection has reached the point of being unbearable and he needs to orgasm now.

“Shit, Zayn,” Liam gapes, watching with interest as he sees Zayn's finger move in and out of his ass hole.

“Think about you a lot,” Zayn manages to gasp out, “When I touch myself, Ooh!”

Liam's face is bright red as he licks his lips again, “Yeah?”

“Yeah!” Zayn screams out, “Want you to fuck me!” He adds his middle finger as well into his ass hole.

“I wanna fuck you too,” Liam says. “Wanna come on your face, babe.”

Zayn cries out he's so close to his orgasm now, tears in the brim of his eyes the pleasure so unbearably good. “Ah, Liam!” He cries.

“Would you let me do that?” Liam asks his eyes growing dark again.

“Y-Yeah, daddy!” Zayn practically shouts.

Zayn's body is flushed all over as water falls on him from the shower head. His legs shaking and twitching when he touches himself just right.

“You let me come down your throat,” Liam says, “You're such a beautiful whore, eh?”

Zayn nods agreeing with Liam. He cries out as he orgasms, covering his own tummy with his climax, the water washing it away quickly. Zayn breathes heavily like he just ran a marathon and his body goes slack.

Liam turns off the shower with a smile at Zayn, “We gotta get you to bed. Don't want you falling asleep in the shower, love.”

“Yeah...” Zayn breathes out.

Liam helps Zayn up and out of the shower. Zayn feels dead tired right now as Liam grabs some towels off the towel rack. Liam dries Zayn off while also cleaning off the excess cum on his chest and face. Liam places light butterfly kisses on Zayn's tired face. Liam then dries himself off and places the towels back on the rack.

“Here we go!” Liam says, and Zayn is confused until he feels his feet leave the ground. Liam carries Zayn bridal style with ease.

“Whoa!” Zayn startles which makes Liam laugh 'cause you'd think Zayn was asleep a second ago.

Liam carries Zayn to what he rightly assumes is Zayn's bedroom and lies Zayn down. He covers Zayn in a light blanket and lies down beside him. He curls around Zayn's body and snuggles his nose against Zayn's shoulder. Zayn leans into it sighing at the feeling of Liam's stubble against him.


“Well, well!” Zayn slowly wakes up as he hears someone shout.

He's not sure how long he's been asleep but he can see that the sun is shining outside. He blinks his eyes open and unwillingly tries to wake up.

He feels someone pressed against his back and looks over his shoulder and sees Liam sleeping. They fell asleep lying the wrong way on the bed, their feet on the pillows and their heads at the end of the bed. The blanket fell off during the night and Liam's bare ass is right there in front of the doorway.

Louis, Harry and Niall are all grinning as they stand at the doorway because apparently Liam didn't shut Zayn's bedroom door last night.

“Guys! Privacy?” Zayn shouts trying to grab the blanket that fell off to cover him and Liam.

“You guys smell awful!” Louis laughs.

“We took a shower,” Zayn shrugs as he's finally covered Liam who is still sleeping.

“Oh! That explains it!” Harry winks with a huge smile.

“I went to dry my hands off with a towel and it had all this spunk in it!” Niall whines.

“Sorry, Niall...” Zayn says but he's kind of laughing about it.

“Not funny, Zayn! I'm traumatized!” Niall says making Zayn laugh harder.

Liam stirs from his sleep and Zayn looks down at him. Zayn's stomach tightening with warmth at Liam's cute face looking happy as he wakes.

“What's goin' on, love?” Liam asks quietly but loud enough for the boys to hear.

“Love, eh? Lo~ve!” Louis cackles and Zayn's face flushes with embarrassment.

“Love! Oh, first love!” Niall says mimicking the line from the show The Inbetweeners.

Liam rolls over onto his back, the blanket only covering his crotch region. The guy's eyes widen at Liam's muscled chest with a light sprinkling of chest hair.

“G'morning, lads,” Liam yawns making Zayn's friends all erupt into laughter. Zayn's face feels like it's burning up in embarrassment but also from being totally endeared by Liam.

Ch 5