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Fic Post: The Rose Ch 5

The Rose Ch 5

Zayn and Liam both emerge from Zayn's room trying to have people not notice them. Niall and Harry are on the couch with their backs to them. Niall's playing Fifa and Harry's just watching as he eats a banana. Harry has a strange obsession with bananas that Zayn doesn't understand but is sure it has something to do with their phallic shape.

Liam is wearing Zayn's sweatpants because it's the only thing that fits him in Zayn's room since they both left their clothes in the bathroom. Liam has no shirt on but seems pretty comfortable about it. Zayn is wearing p.j pants with sports cars on them, along with a white tank top.

Louis sees them from his spot behind the kitchen counter, “Eh, g'morning fellas.” He says way more softly than Zayn expected him too.

Harry and Niall look around at Zayn and Liam with intrigued faces. “So is this happening?” Harry gestures to Liam and Zayn, his voice low with a mouth full of banana.

Liam looks at Zayn like maybe he wonders if Zayn changed his mind. Zayn looks back at Liam and grabs hold of Liam's hand, “Yeah, it is.” Zayn says looking down at the ground but squeezing Liam's hand, feeling cheesy as hell.

“Wey hey!” Niall says happily.

“Congrats Liam,” Harry says making Zayn look at him like 'what-about-me?'. “And congrats Zayn for finally letting someone into your life!” Harry laughs because he knows he's right.

“Thanks,” Zayn rolls his eyes.

“Maybe don't freak out and yell at us when we're having fun, eh?” Louis quips in.

Zayn looks over at Louis, “I'm really sorry about last night, guys...”

Louis nods his head, “Don't get mad at us when we're right and you're just making problems for yourself.”

“I'm really, really sorry,” Zayn says as he looks over at Harry. Harry shrugs his shoulders like it's no big deal but Zayn knows he was awful to Harry.

“Niall, I'm sorry I left your gig last night,” Zayn apologizes.

“It's fine, it went on late anyways,” Niall says clearly not hurt about it.

Zayn looks at Liam, “Sorry Liam that I'm a dumb ass.”

Liam smiles gently at Zayn, “You're not a dumb ass.”

“Zayn, what's up with your voice, eh?” Niall questions noticing how raspy Zayn sounds.

Zayn's eyes widen at Niall, while Louis laughs and goes, “I think we all know why.”

Liam stifles a laugh with the back of his free hand and Zayn looks at Liam, “It's not funny, mate!” Zayn's smiling though.

“Sorry, love, it's not funny.” Liam looks at Zayn with a smile that says he still finds it funny though.

“You guys are cute,” Harry looks on fondly.

Zayn grumbles not really wanting all this attention, especially with Liam here. Liam leans in and kisses Zayn's cheek making all the guys laugh and awe at them.


Zayn has moments where he can’t believe he agreed to date someone again. All relationships are different from one another and fortunately Liam is vastly different from Zayn’s exes.

Zayn was worried being with someone would just bring back awful memories and reminders about how awful having a boyfriend actually is. His past relationships were a lot of work mainly on his part. Trying to impress them or make them love Zayn in hopes that they’ll stay. Zayn felt like he was giving a hundred percent into the relationship when he’d get a text from the guy he’s seeing, saying, ‘oh it was today we were supposed to meet?’. While Zayn waited an embarrassingly long time at the movie theatre or his boyfriend would show up hours later dressed sloppy making Zayn feel he’s not worthy of an effort. Usually his boyfriends would cancel all their plans just so they could stay home and fuck Zayn. Which was fun at first but when they decided to cancel plans to meet Zayn’s friends that’s when Zayn got upset.

Liam doesn’t remind Zayn of his past boyfriends at all. He doesn’t feel the need to impress Liam because surprisingly enough he already has. Liam always texts Zayn back and sometimes even texts Zayn first. He doesn’t do it an annoying amount of times though, just enough to get Zayn through his dull work day. Liam comes to the comic book store once every week to pick up the comics Zayn puts aside for him. Liam lingers for a long time, checking out other comics and chatting with Louis if he’s there.

Zayn is reminded how awkward dating can be when you are with a dude though. When you really just wanna hold hands when you are walking down the street but you have to judge if the place you are in would be cool with that. Liam seems eager to hold hands wherever they are. He just always waits for Zayn to initiate it.

Zayn will see a straight young couple kissing in plain site quite aggressively and he feels jealous. He wishes he had the guts to just kiss Liam in the streets so everyone knew Liam was his. He’s pretty sure Liam would go along with it too.

Other than awkward moments where handholding and public displays of affection come up things are fine. Zayn is in disbelief at how normal it feels to be in a relationship again. When they do stupid domestic things like go on a double date with Louis and Harry, Zayn can’t hide his smile at how great it is to sit next to Liam and be sharing these moments with him. Or when Zayn is with Liam and all his friends and Zayn vowed to do no PDA since he doesn’t want to be hypocritical but Liam steals a kiss from him anyways. Making his friends boo at them because Zayn promised. All this stupid relationship cliches actually feel really nice.


Three weeks pass with Zayn and Liam spending a lot of time together. Being caught up in the honeymoon phase and Zayn spending the nights at Liam's place. Which, by the way, is amazing. It's a huge apartment with way too much room for just one person. All the furniture is white and the walls are red. It's actually weirdly sexy.

Zayn and Liam spend the night watching movies and chilling. But it always just leads to them just making out and sucking each other off on the couch though. Then waking up the next day just in time for work. Everyone notices Zayn's clothes repeating from the day before causing him to have to bring an extra outfit to Liam's for the next morning.

Zayn's mum calls to tell him that Doniya is coming over in a few days and Zayn is obviously invited. His mum doesn't bug him about relationships this time which Zayn is fine with because he really doesn't want to lie to his mum about Liam.

Liam and Zayn go on a few dates like to the aquarium because Liam insists they go. Zayn feels ridiculous going on a date to the aquarium with his boyfriend when they are both adults. His mood gets slightly better though when he sees Liam's face light up at the fish. Liam especially enjoys the sharks and the large fish they've both never heard of.

Zayn's choice of a date is going to an outdoor music festival to hear some of their favourite singers. Zayn enjoying the Childish Gambino set while Liam tries his best to rap the words along with the songs. Zayn laughs and starts rapping thoroughly impressing Liam. Liam keeps getting Zayn to rap for him on the car ride home.

Things get embarrassing when Louis changes Zayn's ringtone to the song 'Hey Daddy' by Usher. Zayn's not aware of this when he's out with Liam at the grocery store and his phone starts playing it. Zayn's hands shaking with embarrassment and fumbling to get his phone from his back pocket. Zayn reads that the caller is Louis, because of course it would be.

“Louis, you are dead!” Zayn threatens. Only to hear Louis laughing on the other line before he quickly hangs up.

Zayn puts his phone back in his pocket looking at the ground, “Sorry about that.”

Liam is howling with laughter, waving his hand at Zayn, “It's fine, mate, I think your friends are hilarious!”

Liam loves Zayn's friends, so much they've become Liam’s friends as well. Which makes Zayn really happy that they all get along. Some of his past boyfriends just did not click with his friend group and it was really disappointing and awkward.

Liam goes to Niall's gigs and cheers Niall on. Then Niall shares a disgustingly huge helping of wings with Liam afterwards. Josh joining in, sweaty from playing the drums. The manager turning on the football game for Niall since Niall always requests it. The manager doesn't mind. Niall's a good worker, so he lets him watch football and play with his band. Niall gets enthused about the game, speaking to Liam really fast with chicken in his mouth about his thoughts on the teams. Liam amused by Niall's enthusiasm and commentary.

Louis took Liam to his first comic book convention as well. Zayn unable to accompany them because he has to man the table his store has at the same con. Louis requesting Liam wear something dorky for the con, and absolutely no suits. Liam shows up in a top with all the Avengers on it that says, 'I need a hero!'. Louis laughs for a really long time over it. They go over to Zayn's booth and distract him for too long, Liam makes it up by buying an entire series of comic books.

Liam often goes to the fitness studio Harry works at as well. He works out a lot anyways and Harry says he gets commission if Liam comes because Harry referred him. Harry tries to teach Liam how to meditate as well, Liam says he has a hard time with it though because his mind is too busy. Zayn eventually joins Liam in working out. He has a hard time concentrating during hot yoga with Liam's sweaty body looking really tempting beside him.

Even though all this time together is amazing and Zayn's friends loving Liam is great, Zayn can't help feeling anxious. He's going over to his parents house tomorrow and feels guilty for telling Liam he's going to keep their relationship a secret. Liam is so sweet though, he just smiles at Zayn saying 'he understands'.


They're in Liam's apartment eating Chinese takeout. Liam is telling a long winded story about his day and how his boss is a suck up 'cause he likes Liam's dad. Zayn is moving his food across his plate and half listening, he mainly watches Liam's mouth and thinks to himself.

“Zayn?” Liam asks waking Zayn from his thoughts.

“Hmm?” Zayn questions.

Liam looks a bit concerned, “I was asking if you wanted more food or if I could put it in the fridge. What's wrong?”

Liam asks leaning over the kitchen counter while Zayn sits on a bar stool on the other side. Zayn scrunches his nose, “Nothings wrong, mate.”

Liam looks unconvinced. “You've been quiet all day, babe. What's up?”

Zayn shakes his head furrowing his brow, “I kind'a.... When I go to my mum's....” Zayn scratches the scruff on his neck. “I dunno, I kind'a want you to come with me.”

Liam stands up straight with an intrigued look. “Really?” Liam clears his throat.

Zayn looks at the tattoo on his wrist trying to think things over. “I just... I don't want to lie to my family again.”

“Are you ready for this?” Liam asks.

Zayn shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders. “I dunno.” He sighs a heavy breath. “I don't think I could handle being with them and not telling them about you... and us.” Zayn looks up at Liam finally.

Liam walks around the counter. “If you're sure, eh.” He stands close to Zayn, leaning down and kissing Zayn's lips softly.

“I'll be there with you,” Liam says putting a hand over Zayn's in comfort.

Zayn looks up at Liam with a slight smile still obviously nervous about the whole thing.

“Can I ask you something, Zayn?” Liam asks. Zayn looks confused, he has no clue what Liam is going to say.

“We've been dating for three weeks and a bit,” Liam raises an eyebrow with a grin, “And I'm wondering when we're gonna y'know... actually fuck.”

Zayn gives a slight laugh. “I was kind'a waiting. Usually I rush into things and with you... I want it to be special.”

Liam smiles warmly. “It'll be special if it's with you, love.”

Zayn stands up off the stool and kisses Liam who hungrily kisses him back. Zayn's hands go up under Liam's shirt, scratching his skin. Liam begins kissing and sucking at Zayn's neck, Zayn grabs at Liam's hips and sighs.

“Now?” Zayn breathes out, “Fuck me now?”

Liam grins against Zayn's skin. “If you want, love.”

Zayn nods, “Mhmm, yeah. Fuck me, babe.”

Liam backs away from Zayn reluctantly and grabs hold of his hand. Zayn wants to laugh at how cheesy this all seems but he's too aroused to care.

They enter Liam's room which is probably as big as Zayn's whole apartment. It has red painted walls and a huge king sized bed with white sheets. There's a big window on the side of the wall with the drapes open.

Zayn lies his back down on the bed with a dirty grin. He's already started working his pants off while Liam looks down at him.

“Want me to close the drapes?” Liam tilts his head over to the window.

Zayn throws his pants away, starting to take off his shirt. “Nah.” Zayn raises his eyebrows suggestively.

Liam lets out a low laugh at Zayn's answer. He takes off his shirt and then quickly takes off his pants and briefs. Toeing off his socks while leering down at Zayn. Zayn's now completely naked on the bed, his legs spread and inviting. His cock becoming hard and red.

Liam grabs hold of his own and begins stroking himself, “Let me come on your face, babe?” He grunts out looking at Zayn with a smug expression.

“Mmm, yeah, Daddy,” Zayn bites his bottom lip with a smile.

Liam moves up on the bed and straddles Zayn's stomach. Liam strokes himself quickly, his breath ragged.

“Can't wait for you to fuck me,” Zayn says, knowing that dirty talk works for Liam.

“Y-Yeah?” Liam asks his hand still moving fast.

“Mhmm, want you to fuck me raw, that okay, babe?” Zayn smiles at Liam. His head flat on the bed looking up at Liam, remarkably not getting a double chin while doing so.

“No condom?” Liam asks.

“Yeah,” Zayn sighs out as he watches Liam's dick that's right in front of his face.

“Want my mouth?” Zayn asks.

“Shit, yeah,” Liam breathes out.

Liam moves off Zayn and stands at the foot of the bed. Zayn moves off the bed and Liam goes and sits down where Zayn just was. Zayn goes and sits on his knees in front of him. Liam opens his legs, his cock hard. Zayn smirks and starts nipping at Liam's hairy inner thighs.

Liam's breath hitches. “Zayn, c'mon.” He puts his right hand in Zayn's hair and his left hand grips the duvet on the bed.

Zayn looks into Liam's eyes as he takes Liam's cock into his mouth. He goes slow at first not taking in the whole thing. His lips around Liam while his tongue plays with the tip of Liam's dick.

“Ah, Zayn!” Liam cries out his eyes screwed shut.

Zayn takes in more of Liam's dick his head moving back and fourth.

“Wanna come on your eyelashes, babe,” Liam grunts out, “You have the prettiest eyes.”

Zayn sighs around Liam's cock. “Think people can see you through the windows?” Liam asks sounding out of breath.

Zayn thinks 'definitely not' but the thought still makes his already erect dick twitch. He moves his mouth faster on Liam's cock making it almost hit the back of Zayn's throat.

Liam's fingernails dig into Zayn's scalp, “Fuck babe, gonna come soon.” Liam says.

Zayn moves off Liam's mouth and sits with Liam's cock pointed straight at his face. Liam whines looking down at Zayn and stroking himself quickly.

Zayn licks his lips, “C'mon, daddy.” He stares right at Liam's dick. “I deserve this, I deserve to have you come on my face.”

“Y-Yeah,” Liam moans out. “Such a bad boy... should give you a spanking.”

“Mmm, yeah, love it when you punish me, Daddy.”

“Ah, babe, I'm gonna- Ah!” Liam cries out as he orgasms. Zayn closes his eyes quickly as his face and upper chest is covered in Liam's load. Liam breathes deeply and falls back on the bed resting for a few seconds. He sits back up and looks at Zayn.

“You look filthy, Zayn,” Liam says his breath ragged.

Zayn wipes his eyes and opens them, licking his lips with a naughty smile. Cum dripping off his eyelashes and getting stuck in his scruff. It drips off his chin and onto his stomach.

“It got in my eyelashes like you wanted.” Zayn can't help but laugh. “It actually really stings though.”

“Oh man, I'm sorry.” Liam apologizes. “Let me just go get you a cloth.”

Zayn tries to wipe his eyes more when Liam leaves the room. Liam comes back lightning fast though with a wet cloth. Liam wipes the cum off his eyelids first then his face and chest.

“Sorry, the aftermath of all this isn't sexy, is it?” Liam asks feeling a bit bad.

Zayn keeps laughing though, “It's fine, babe.”

Liam starts to laugh as well, “It was really sexy though.” He's almost done with cleaning Zayn up, “I like that we have this unspoken agreement that dirty talk and name calling is okay during sex.”

Zayn laughs harder, “It'd be awful if one of us wasn't and we scared off the other one.”

“Yeah,” Liam laughs smiling widely. “Uhmm... you weren't kidding though when you said I could fuck you raw, were you? 'Cause like I understand if it was just the heat of the moment kind'a thing.”

“I let you come on my face, didn't I?” Zayn says raising his eyebrows. “I'd really like if we could like... get to it because my uh...”

Liam looks confused until he sees Zayn's legs shaking and that Zayn's erection is still quite big. It's dying down but it still looks unbearable.

“Right, sorry!” Liam apologizes. “You’ve been tested, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Zayn says. It’s true he hasn’t been to the bars at all since he’s been with Liam. He was tested over the weekend in case Liam was interested in having sex soon. “You?”

“Yeah, all clean,” Liam nods. Zayn wasn’t really worried about Liam having anything he was more worried about himself.

Zayn looks down at his erect cock in between his legs, Liam notices. “Shit, sorry! Here I gotta get worked up again.”

“Can you do that so fast afterwards?” Zayn asks.

“Embarrassingly enough, I can,” Liam laughs lightly.

Liam takes one of Zayn's hands in his own and they both go onto the bed. Zayn lies once again with his back against the bed while Liam is on top of him. Zayn's hands move to Liam's dick and he starts stroking him quickly. Liam kisses Zayn's tattooed skin over his collar bones his hips thrusting with each of Zayn's strokes.

“Want you to fuck me, babe,” Zayn urges Liam on. “You're so big, I want you to come inside me.”

Liam's breathing gets heavier and his dick gets harder slower than the first time but making quick progress. Zayn's erection is dark red and flat against his stomach.

“Want people to see you fuck me,” Zayn tilts his head to the window reminding Liam that it's still open.

“Yeah?” Liam sighs out. “One second babe.” Liam gets up walking awkwardly over to his bedside table and gets out a bottle of lube.

He goes back over to the bed and Zayn has his legs spread out waiting for Liam. Liam licks his lips as Zayn lightly traces a finger over his own cock.

“Please, Liam,” Zayn whimpers.

“Fucking shit,” Liam curses he lubes up the fingers on his right hand. He slowly puts his index finger into Zayn's asshole.

Zayn tightens around it. “Relax babe, you gotta loosen up.” Liam slowly moves his finger in and out of Zayn.

Zayn's breathing is heavy, “Fuck me, daddy.”

Liam smiles as he adds his middle finger as well making Zayn whine. “You've been a bad boy.” Liam's voice is rough with need. He scissors Zayn open with his fingers. “Wanting people to see you be fucked.”

“Y-Yeah,” Zayn breathes out. Liam adds his ring finger as well opening Zayn up further. “Oh, Liam please!” Zayn's mouth hangs open as he scrunches his eyes shut.

“You're such a cock slut, eh?” Liam teases as he withdraws his fingers and works on his own dick.

Zayn hisses out a quick breath at the empty feeling. Liam squirts lube onto his hand and strokes his dick, lubing himself up. Zayn groans as he feels Liam's cock start to enter him.

“You're so big, daddy,” Zayn groans out, Liam still moving into Zayn.

“Yeah, Papi?” Liam purrs as he's now all the way in Zayn's ass. “You feel so good, babe. You're so hot and tight.” Liam groans as Zayn tightens around him.

“Move, Liam, C'mon,” Zayn whimpers, his erection impossibly unbearable.

Liam does as commanded starting with slow long thrusts that feel amazing. Zayn groans out curses when Liam slams back into him. Liam continues going slow and deep loving the feel of Zayn without having a condom.

Liam wraps a hand around Zayn's dick and starts to stroke it in time with his thrusts. Zayn whimpers his eyes screwed shut everything feeling overly sensitive and impossibly overwhelming. Liam's thrusts now move faster and Zayn looks like he's about to burst. Liam hits Zayn's prostate hard and fast making Zayn cry out.

“Ah! Liam, please!” Zayn tries to shuffle his hips down so Liam will go further into him and have better access at going in deep.

Liam thrusts out then back in managing to hit Zayn's prostate again. Zayn cries out loudly as Liam keeps his dick in place while gently rolling his hips for added pressure as he stays against the spot.

He strokes Zayn's cock quickly. “C'mon, babe, you're so beautiful right now, c'mon.”

Zayn scrunches his eyes shut and he feels like he's on fire or going to explode. He cries out as he comes all over Liam's chest. He feels boneless as Liam starts to do short thrusts that create a perverted smacking sound in the room.

“Mmm, Liam, c'mon,” Zayn sighs out as he grips Liam's shoulder. “Cum inside me, babe. I wanna feel you cum.”

Liam bites his bottom lip and Zayn's fingernails dig into his shoulder. Liam's thrusts having no rhythm as he breathes heavily. His mind feels fogged up and his bones feel like they have turned to jello as he cums inside Zayn. He rolls his hips working out the last bit of his orgasm as he continues to cum.

He wants to collapse but wiggles his cock out of Zayn first. Zayn sighs as Liam's absence makes him feel empty again.

Liam can't help but look at Zayn's ass. He has cum dripping out of his stretched hole as he lies there with his legs wide open. Zayn looks so dead tired and he's covered in sweat.

“You look really beautiful right now, Zayn,” Liam says. “Like amazing.”

“Is beautiful a code word for slut right now?” Zayn smiles.

“...A bit,” Liam laughs as he gets the cloth they had before and starts to clean Zayn's ass.

“This feels weird, like you're my mum and I'm a baby,” Zayn crinkles his nose in distaste. Liam laughs 'cause this feels awkward for him too.

Zayn sighs, he feels like he's going to fall asleep any second. He feels the bed dip beside him and opens an eye to see Liam lying down next to him.

“I'm gonna sleep for a century now, good night,” Liam yawns as he snuggles his nose against Zayn's arm.

“Night, Liam.” Zayn whispers.

They fall asleep a few minutes later with smiles plastered to their faces. The bedroom stinking of sex and sweat. The window open showing the clear night sky.

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