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Fic Post: The Rose Ch 6

The Rose Ch 6

The next morning Zayn wakes up feeling a nice after sex buzz in the pit of his stomach. Liam is still sleeping beside him, mouth open and drooling onto the duvet. Zayn runs a hand through Liam's hair gently, careful not to wake him up.

Liam yawns and closes his mouth and Zayn can't help but be endeared. Liam kind'a looks like an overgrown puppy. He has an innocent face and a lot of dog like qualities. Zayn's pretty sure if he knew Liam when he was younger he would have looked like an innocent kid with puppy dog eyes.

Zayn's startled when Liam wakes up. Liam slowly opens his eyes and stretches his legs out. He notices Zayn is starring, “What are you doing?” He asks with a laugh his voice rough with sleep.

“Nothing,” Zayn answers as he takes his hand away and lies on his back staring at the ceiling. “Thinking about today,” Zayn whispers.

Liam looks confused for a second and then he remembers. “Your family, right. God, are you nervous?”

Zayn stares at the ceiling clearly deep in his own thoughts. “I'm freaking out, I can't even imagine saying the words to them.” He sighs heavily, “I'm happy you'll be there though.”

Liam smiles at Zayn, “I hope it all works out.”

“Yeah, same,” Zayn closes his eyes like he's thinking of just sleeping through it. He feels Liam place light kisses on his eyelids.


Zayn stands in the kitchen looking down at his phone. Liam looks at him in question as he pours bowls of cereal for both of them.

“What's up, Zayn?” Liam asks.

Zayn furrows his brow at his phone, “I gotta call my mum and tell her you're coming over.”

Liam looks surprised for a second. “You're going to come out over the phone?”

Zayn looks up at Liam shaking his head, “Nah, no way. I have to tell her you’re coming or she'll kill me. She hates when people bring guests over and she didn't make enough food for them.”

Liam laughs lightly, “Oh, she sounds sweet.”

“Yeah, she's the greatest,” Zayn says quietly as he looks back at his phone. Liam begins to eat his cereal not wanting to hurry Zayn into calling.

Zayn exhales and presses 'call' on his family phone number. He sees that it's calling and holds it up to his ear.

It rings only twice when his mum picks up. His mum always lets the phone ring twice so it doesn't look like she was sitting beside the phone. “Hello, Zayn,” His mum greets happily.

“Hey, mum,” Zayn's accent becoming heavier as he hears his mum's voice.

“How are you? Are you still coming over?” His mum questions.

“Yeah, yeah,” He replies.

“Great, how are you getting here? I know you don't like the bus but it is the most practical,” his mum starts saying.

“Uhm,” Zayn looks over at Liam. “My friend is going to drive me.”

Liam mouths the word, 'friend' silently at Zayn and Zayn's not sure if he fucked up or not.

“Oh, that's nice! Do I know him? Is he going to come in and say hello?” His mum questions.

Zayn itches his chin, “Uh, no you don't know him. His name is Liam, I was going to bring him over so you could meet him.”

“I look forward to it!” She says, “Is he allergic to anything? Vegetarian?”

“He's not picky you should be fine.” Zayn says.

“Well, I was going to make roti and samosas, is that okay?” His mum questions.

“Uh...” Zayn looks over at Liam who is looking back wondering what they are saying, “I think that should be fine.”

“You're sure?” His mum questions further.

“Lemme ask,” Zayn pulls the phone away from his ear and covers the mouthpiece.

“Is something wrong?” Liam asks.

“No, will you eat like, uh... like flat bread and spicy stuff?” Zayn asks.

“Yeah, sure,” Liam shrugs.

Zayn brings the phone back to his ear. “He says it's fine.”

“Is he with you now? Tell him I say hi and look forward to meeting him!” His mum says loudly into the phone like she's trying to get Liam to hear her.

Zayn laughs lightly, “Yeah, sure Mum.”

“Okay, well I will see you two tonight!” His mum says, “Love you, Zayn!”

“Love you too, Mum,” Zayn smiles as he hangs up the phone. He sits down on the kitchen bar stool and pours milk into his cereal. “My mum says hi.”

“I say hi back!” Liam smiles.

Zayn laughs, “She can't hear you right now, mate.”

Liam wipes milk from his mouth with the back of his hand. “Everything went okay though, friend?” He adds teasingly.

“Uh, yeah sorry about that.” Zayn says around a mouthful of cereal. “I didn't know what to call you for a second there.”

Liam shrugs as he stands up and puts his bowl in the sink, “It's totally fine. I would've done the same thing. I like that you're a mama's boy by the way,” Liam jokes. He goes and sits back down by the counter giving Zayn a cheeky grin.

Zayn glares at Liam trying to channel the look Louis' gives when he's judging someone. His glare just makes Liam laugh though.

Zayn continues to eat his cereal as he thinks over the conversation with his mum. He starts to text his friends so they can know what's going on. He wishes telling his parents was as easy as telling his friends. They message him back with excited text messages that put Zayn at ease.


On the car ride over to Zayn's family's house his cellphone keeps lighting up with messages from the boys.

'It'll be fine. Be happy to get it done with :) -H.S'

'Thanks bro xx – Z.M'

Harry texts him multiple times telling him to relax and let his family process the information. Don't force anything or be dramatic about it.

'No worries !! Who cares ?? -N.H'

'aha true :) x -Z.M'

Niall texts only a few times telling him it's not a big deal. That he shouldn't dwell on it and just have a good time with his family.

'Had to happen at some point!! Ha Daddys gonna meet Daddy!!!!! :) - L.T'

'.... x – Z.M'

Louis texts just make jokes about the whole thing. Louis doesn't like dealing with serious things so he usually just jokes around.

Liam does most of the talking on the ride over. Talking about his work and also trying to remember the name of a television show he watched as a kid. Zayn has no clue what show Liam is talking about and it makes him laugh. Liam sings along loudly to a song on the radio and Zayn joins in. Their voices both strong and harmonizing well. Liam's baffled that they sound good together. Suggesting they start an R&B duo as a joke.

When they get closer to the house Liam notices Zayn is lost in his own thoughts. He starts to talk about coming out and how this is really only the beginning of it all. Telling your parents is the first step, but it may take a while for them to stomach it all. They may be mad or upset but time will pass and they'll learn that it's fine. They may act like they didn't hear you so you may have to come out again. Zayn looks at Liam with panicked eyes. Liam smiles and adds that hopefully it won't be like that though.

They arrive in front of Zayn's parents' house. Liam pats Zayn's hand lightly, Zayn notices Liam's hands are clammy which only serves to make him feel more nervous. Zayn's parents are on the porch looking suspiciously at the car. Zayn breathes deeply in and out trying to remember breathing techniques Harry tells him when they work out. He gets out of the car and Liam does as well they walk up the driveway towards the house together. Zayn wanting to grab Liam's hand but instead standing probably too far away from him, concentrating too much on their body language.

“Zayn!” His mum greets as she hugs him when he's on the walkway up to the porch. She hugs him tightly and Zayn hugs back, smelling her perfume and feeling like he could melt into her arms.

She lets go and looks at Liam with a smile, “And you must be Liam.”

Liam holds his hand out for her to shake it and she does. “Nice to meet you.”

Zayn feels like he's in a dreamlike state watching his mum and Liam meet each other. Liam being formal and not at all cringe worthy hoping he doesn't say the wrong thing. Unlike when Louis met his parents and Zayn kept telling him to be polite and not say anything stupid.

Zayn and Liam walk on to the porch and Zayn's dad greets them, “Nice to see you, Zayn.”

“Yeah, you too,” Zayn's nerves start to kick in when he sees his dad.

Zayn's dad looks at Liam waiting for him to introduce himself. “Oh, hello sir,” Liam puts his hand out for Zayn's dad to shake. “I'm Liam, great to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you,” His dad responds with authority. He looks Liam up and down, Liam tries to give a professional looking expression but instead looks like an overgrown puppy that just wet the floor.

They all walk into the house and Zayn's parents go into the kitchen to finish the dinner.

“How'd I do?” Liam asks as he takes off his shoes.

“Good, good, no worries,” Zayn smiles trying to not to make it too big so his parents won't catch on. Which may be ridiculous but Zayn's too nervous to care.

“Hey!” Zayn looks quickly away from Liam and sees his youngest sister, Safaa running towards him. She gives Zayn a big hug and Zayn crouches down to hug her back. “I missed you, did you bring me anything?”

Zayn laughs, “I can barely afford to buy myself anything!”

Safaa stares him down with a pout until she sees Liam. “Who's that? Who are you?” She asks.

Liam laughs answering, “I'm Liam.” For once he doesn't put his hand out to be shook. “What's your name?”

“Safaa,” She smiles, “You're cute,” Safaa giggles then runs away to the family room.

Zayn lifts his eyebrows at Safaa calling Liam cute. Liam laughs but his cheeks are flushed from the compliment. Liam and Zayn walk into the family room. Safaa is sitting beside Waliyha as they watch the television. A new Bollywood movie is playing that Zayn hasn't gotten around to seeing yet is on. Doniya is sitting on the loveseat cuddling close to a guy Zayn assumes is her boyfriend. Zayn doesn't like how close they are sitting and he's willing to bet his dad doesn't either.

Zayn and Liam sit on the same couch as Safaa and Waliyha. Doniya introduces her boyfriend and Zayn introduces Liam once again as a friend. Safaa cuddles close to Liam while Waliyha and Doniya ask Zayn questions. Which always annoys Zayn. Just because it's depressing not to have visited for so long and his life still sounds like a mess. Whenever Zayn answers a question and it sounds like he's getting down on himself Liam always pipes up to say how impressive Zayn actually is.

Zayn's mum calls them in for dinner and they all sit around the table. Zayn's mouth is watering from the smell of the food. His favourite food in the world is definitely anything his mum makes. Zayn helps Liam with his roti and then prepares one for himself. Liam keeps eating the samosas which he seems to really enjoy. He keeps reaching for the pitcher of water on the table though making Zayn's dad laugh.

Doniya proudly talks about her boyfriend, which makes Zayn jealous. He wishes he could talk about Liam carefree and not worry what his parents are going to say. He's starting to feel nervous because he knows he should say something about Liam right now.

“What do you do, Liam?” Zayn's mum asks Liam.

“I work at a bank,” Liam responds straightening up in his seat.

“You have a nice car, they must pay you well,” Zayn's dad adds.

Liam looks down at his food, “Uh, yes they do. I'm very lucky.” He replies modestly.

“How did you and Zayn meet?” Zayn's mum asks.

Zayn and Liam look at each other like they are both thinking, 'what should we say?'.

“He comes into the comic store pretty often,” Zayn shrugs.

“You like comics, Liam?” Zayn's sister Doniya teases.

“I do, yeah, I think they're great!” Liam responds not feeling embarrassed about proclaiming he's a geek. Zayn likes that about Liam.

“So you guys just started hanging out?” Zayn's mum questions. Zayn doesn't even understand how their story at all sounds like they aren't telling the whole truth. Mothers can see through anything when it comes to their children.

“Uh...” Liam looks at Zayn with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah... Kind'a...” Zayn feels like he's going to throw up. Everyone at the table suddenly seems too interested and he feels like he just wants to crawl under the table. “Liam and I...” Zayn looks down at his hands and bites his bottom lip. “We... We've been...” Zayn forces himself to spit out the rest, “We've been dating for uhm... like a few weeks.”

Zayn can't bear to look up and see the reactions everyone is giving. He just looks down at his lap with furrowed brows.

“Oh,” Zayn's mum says, her voice sounding a bit more high pitched than usual.

“Are you gay?” Zayn's sister Wahliyha asks.

Zayn looks up at his sister, “...Yeah,” He answers quietly.

“Are you gay, Liam?” Safaa asks.

“Yeah, I am,” Liam responds proudly in a way Zayn wishes he could do as well.

Zayn looks over at his dad who isn't looking back at Zayn. He seems to be acting like he hadn't heard what Zayn said and is continuing on eating.

Zayn's mum puts a hand on Zayn's shoulder. “Honey, it's fine. You should have just told us so I wasn't embarrassing myself when I talked about relationships with you.”

Zayn shakes his head. “You weren't embarrassing yourself, mum.”

“So Liam is your first boyfriend?” Doniya asks clearly skeptical.

Zayn tenses up, “Uhm... he's actually my fourth boyfriend.” Zayn looks over at his dad. His dad's eyes widen comically but he remains silent.

“Zayn!” His mum says, “You've had... You can't just not tell us about that stuff!”

“I'm sorry, I was just worried about telling you,” Zayn answers feeling bad.

“I don't want you to worry about telling me things. You can tell me anything,” his mum says.

The dinner table goes silent for a bit, Zayn no longer feeling hungry. The silence breaks when Safaa mentions she has a report due tomorrow she hasn't started. It makes Zayn and Liam laugh and it also takes the family's attention off Zayn's announcement.

They all finish dinner not really bringing up Zayn and Liam's relationship again. Liam and Zayn's mum get along really well talking about Britain’s Got Talent in detail sharing the same opinions about most of the contestants. His mum asks Zayn lots of questions about what's going on in his life adding 'because apparently you don't tell me anything' which makes Zayn feel bad. Liam tries to talk to Zayn's dad about his work at the bank or about his car asking if Zayn's dad would like to see it. Zayn's dad responds with short answers though and Zayn can tell that his dad is still trying to process the information.

Afterwards Liam, Zayn and his mum clear the table and wash the dishes. Zayn notices his mum has become a bit more quiet now that she is only with Zayn and Liam. She laughs a bit too loud and is nicer than usual which is what she usually does when she's trying to hide how she feels. Liam goes off to the bathroom and Zayn's alone in the kitchen with his mum.

“I just wish you told me,” his mum says making Zayn accidentally drop a plate into the sink full with water. Zayn's mum is drying dishes beside him and looks at him with sad eyes.

“Mum, I'm so sorry,” Zayn says.

“You have had three, now four relationships and you didn't tell me?” His mum says like she's been betrayed. “I thought you told me everything, Zayn.” She looks down and starts to dry a dish Zayn passed her.

“I do, I was just scared, I don't know, “Zayn mumbles.

“Have I ever given you a reason to be scared of me?” His mum asks sadly.

“No, Mum!” Zayn says, “I don't know I was worried, there's no more secrets, promise.”

Zayn's mum kisses him on the forehead and gives him a small smile. “Don't cry, if you cry, I'll start crying.” Zayn warns as he continues to wash dishes.

Liam comes back into the room and helps Zayn wash the dishes. Zayn's mum asks Liam more questions about his parents or if he has any siblings. Liam responds with a warm smile politely answering the questions. Sometimes Liam will say something stupid or really obvious and it makes Zayn's mum laugh really hard.

Zayn's mum sighs heavily making Zayn look up in concern. “I hope your dad will be fine with the news.”

“He's not supportive of this?” Liam asks.

“He obviously still loves you, Zayn and I'm sure he'll love you too, Liam. He's just never been overly supportive of... this kind of relationship,” she says.

“It takes time,” Liam shrugs.

His mum smiles at Liam and pats him on the shoulder. “You're a good boy, Liam.”

Zayn smiles at Liam and Liam looks down with a flush creeping onto his cheeks. Even though Zayn's dad may not accept them right now Zayn's pretty sure this is one of the nicest moments of his life. He feels like shit for lying to his mum and family, but her loving Liam as well makes up for the guilty feeling. He can't believe that his new favourite moment is doing dishes with his mum though.

Zayn and Liam leave later that night hugging all of Zayn's sisters. Zayn nods at Doniya's boyfriend not really showing if he approves of him or not. Zayn's mum kisses Zayn and Liam on the cheek and wishes them a safe trip. Zayn hugs his dad and Liam shakes his dad's hand thanking him for a great night and how nice it was to meet everyone.

Zayn and Liam get into the car, driving away and waving to Zayn's family. Zayn exhales heavily and relaxes into the seat once they have driven further.

“How are you?” Liam asks as he turns down the radio to hear Zayn. “I'm sorry, I didn't like hold your hand or something when you were trying to say things at the table. I wasn't sure how cool your parents would be with that.”

Zayn closes his eyes like he's going to fall asleep. “No, no, that was a good choice.”

“You feel okay though?” Liam asks.

Zayn stays quiet for a moment before answering, “I don't feel as great as I thought I would. I thought I would feel relieved...”

Liam keeps his right hand on the steering wheel but puts his left hand on Zayn's right hand. Zayn didn't notice his hand was shaking until now.

It feels quiet in the car so Liam turns the radio back up then places his hand back on Zayn's. They listen to the radio Liam humming under his breath.

“My mum liked you,” Zayn says.

“Safaa liked me,” Liam teases with a big smile.

“No, we aren't going to talk about that,” Zayn replies seriously making Liam laugh harder.

They talk more on the drive home. Liam doing most of the talking while Zayn thinks to himself. Talking only to ask Liam to help him analyze what he thought about the night. Zayn's mind once again over thinking every detail.

Zayn invites Liam up to spend the night at his apartment. Liam agrees happy to see Niall again. They get out of the car and walk upstairs to the apartment. Liam pressing kisses to Zayn's neck as he gets out his keys for the apartment.

“Will Niall still be awake?” Liam breathes into Zayn's ear.

“He'll probably have Josh over.” Zayn leans into Liam's kisses, turning his head so he can kiss Liam on the lips. Zayn forgets about unlocking the door as he turns around leaning his back against the door letting Liam pin him to it. Liam puts his hands under Zayn's shirt and kisses his collarbone. Zayn places his hands on Liam's back gripping his shirt. Zayn's body reacts quickly to Liam's advances after a whole day of not really being touched by him. Liam puts his knee in between Zayn's legs and pushes it against Zayn's crotch. Zayn groans loudly sounding like a porn star. Which only embarrasses Zayn because he's not usually this sensitive.

“Let's get you inside,” Liam whispers into Zayn's ear. Liam reluctantly moves away from Zayn and Zayn runs a hand through his hair trying to fix it. He unlocks the door and yells, “Niall! Liam's here!”

Zayn locks the door when they get into the apartment. Liam has a confused expression that Niall didn't reply right away 'cause he'd usually be bounding over to come say hello.

“Niall?” Zayn shouts again also confused.

“Y-Yeah-Ahh!” Niall replies sounding strange.

Liam looks concerned and Zayn goes into 'protect Niall mode' as they both run over to Niall's room. Which is really only a few steps from the door.

“Mmmm-guys no don't come in-Ooohh,” Niall says quickly in a panic.

“Niall, what's goin'-” Zayn asks but stops mid sentence once he looks into Niall's room. Liam practically trips over Zayn as he tries to also see as well.

Liam puts the back of his hand over his mouth and stifles a laugh. Zayn is starring with his mouth open in surprise. Niall's face is the deepest red Zayn's ever seen and looks beyond embarrassed.

Niall is naked along with his friend (friend?) Josh. Josh is lying down on Niall's bed with Niall straddling his lap. Niall was clearly in the middle of riding Josh's dick but has now stopped moving. Josh has one of Niall's snap backs on and it only serves to make Liam laugh harder.

“Get out guys, please!” Niall bellows and Zayn and Liam move quickly never really seeing Niall this upset and closing Niall's door.

Liam and Zayn laugh really loudly and collapse on the floor. They stick around outside Niall's door thinking he'll be too embarrassed to continue with Josh. Instead they hear Niall begin moaning and cursing while Josh urges Niall on with profanities.

Zayn and Liam stop laughing and are now completely grossed out. Niall and Josh are really attractive together but Zayn and Liam don't want to think of their friends that way. They go and sit on the couch and turn the television on so they can't hear Niall's whiny moans. The only thing that seems to be on the television is an old episode of the original series of Star Trek. As soon as Zayn puts down the remote he begins to kiss Liam. They don't move their bodies so they are still facing the television. Liam aggressively kisses Zayn and palms Zayn's crotch with his hand. Even though they both have their clothes on and aren't getting as physical as they could be, it's extremely sexy. It feels like being young and just being touched by the person you like is enough.

Time passes weirdly fast when they’re making out and Zayn's not sure how much time has passed when he hears Niall yell at them, “Oh ha ha, you guys have all the fun you want, right in the middle of the family room, we're not judging!” Zayn and Liam stop making out and look over the back of the couch to see Niall walking out of his room with Josh behind him.

“Niall, we aren't judging, mate,” Zayn says getting off the couch. Niall goes into the kitchen and gets a half eaten bag of crisps. He stands at the counter and watches Zayn and Liam walk toward him. Josh sticks his hand in the crisp bag and eats what is mainly crumbs.

There's a knock on the apartment door and Zayn looks at it in question. “What time is it?”

Niall shrugs, “It's like ten o'clock.”

“This day feels like it's lasting forever.” Zayn walks over to the door and peers through the peep hole. All he can see is someone's hand giving him the middle finger, he can tell it's Louis though because of his tattoos.

He opens the door. “Hey, man,” Zayn greets.

Louis walks into the apartment with Harry not far behind him. “What's up with not answering my messages, man?”

Zayn gets his phone out of his back pocket and sees that he's missed forty three messages. He unlocks his phone and looks at the messages.

'Hey ! No worries if you come home late ! - N.H'

That message and a few more from Niall that Zayn wishes he saw before he got home.

'All well? Huge love Zayn – H.S'

More vague sounding texts from Harry telling Zayn he's hoping everything is going well. As well as a more panicked sounding text he probably just sent.

'Definitely worried now... – H.S'

Zayn laughs 'cause Harry's texts are usually so calm that that is the most freaked out one he's seen. Even though Harry in person laughs too loud and likes to dance when music plays. He can be anything but the quiet person he seems to be.

'Everything go well ?? Loveeee – L.T'

Is the first text Louis sends and then there feels like a million more he sent. Just asking how it was going in different ways. The last text Zayn received from him says,

'Maybe we'll talk tomorrow ?? Fuck that ha – L.T'

Which Zayn seems to have only received like two minutes ago. So Louis and Harry sent no message that they were coming over, which typically happens.

“Hey, Daddy!” Louis jokes greeting Liam.

“Hey, Louis,” Liam smiles not mentioning the daddy thing. It's pretty common now.

“All go well, Zayn?” Harry asks.

Zayn inhales and his shoulders sag as he exhales, “Yeah, I think so? My dad acted like he didn't hear me, but mum was fine. A bit upset I hadn't told her before.”

“You told her about the guys before Liam?” Niall asks still sitting at the kitchen counter. It's an open concept apartment so it practically feels like he's in the same room.

“Yeah, that's the part she really didn't like,” Zayn bites the inside of his cheek.

Harry nods silently, Louis goes over to Niall and tries to get the remaining bits of chips. “Whoa, Nialler! You smell!” Louis reacts loudly. Josh is silent as he waits for Niall to answer.

“Did you know Niall and Josh were together?” Zayn asks sounding offended that Niall didn't tell him. Which is quite funny and hypocritical considering he's done the exact same thing.

“Like together,” Liam adds so the point gets across.

Harry walks over to Niall, “Together? How long?” He stands on the opposite side of the counter Niall is at.

Niall looks at Josh, “We're not like together, I dunno,” Everyone turns their attention to Josh in one comical in sync move of the head.

“We're...” Josh tries to think of the word.

“Fuck buddies?” Harry suggests.

“I dunno,” Niall shrugs, “We both don't really do relationships.” The others silently agree with this. Harry, Louis and Zayn have known Niall for a long time and none of them have ever seen Niall in a relationship.

“We play videogames and watch movies with hot girls in them and sometimes we do other stuff,” Josh tries to explain.

“Other stuff!” Louis laughs.

“I didn't even know you liked dudes, Niall,” Zayn says.

“I didn't either,” Harry agrees. Louis also nods.

“Well, I just like... people I guess? I've never really thought about it,” Niall shrugs.

This all just fits Niall to a tee. He's so carefree he never thought or even cared to tell the boys about this or even put a label on it. To Niall it doesn't feel like he betrayed them by not sharing this information. The guys don't see it that way either. Niall loves the guys passionately and it's vice versa for his friends. Niall just doesn't make a big deal of things so he probably never even thought of mentioning it.

“Harry's the same, he just likes people,” Louis tilts his head in Harry's direction. Harry nods agreeing with Louis.

“You never thought at all about coming out or whatever when we were talking with Zayn?” Harry asks.

“Yeah, man,” Zayn agrees.

“It's just casual, we don't know what this is,” Josh steps in defending Niall. Niall nods not looking at all flustered by people asking him all these questions.

The room goes silent for a bit as Niall's friends just comprehend everything. Trying to think if they have more questions but they don't really. The silence is broken by Niall's stomach growling and Josh laughing loudly at it. As Niall looks for more food Harry questions how come Niall can eat so much and not work out and still be skinny. Liam agrees with Harry and they both badger Niall about it. Louis makes a joke that Niall must lose all the weight having sex with Josh. Niall shrugs like Louis could be correct.

Zayn watches on and feels warm with happiness. He's always loved his friends but with Liam here now it just feels like there was a piece missing all along. Everything feels whole now. His life may not be perfect but he doesn't feel awful about it like before. A lot of him feeling better about it is definitely because he now has Liam. But Zayn isn't the type of person who believes being with someone automatically makes you whole or your life better.

Liam is special to Zayn. Obviously considering Zayn couldn't bear to just fuck him and leave him. He also agreed to a relationship in the first time in years because of Liam. Liam's arms wrapped around Zayn makes him feel safe and like Liam's a second home. Liam smiles and laughs in a way that makes Zayn feel like Liam really cares about everything Zayn has to say. Liam doesn't judge Zayn or forget to text him, he doesn't cheat or lie to him like Zayn's ex-boyfriends.

Harry goes over to Niall trying to feel how skinny he is. Louis walks over to Niall as well but just starts to tickle him. Niall laughs loudly trying to seriously tell Louis to stop. Liam strikes a conversation with Josh about the next gig and a new song the band was hoping to try out. Harry looks into the fridge declaring he will cook something, but then sees Zayn and Niall own no food to cook with. Zayn walks over into the kitchen as well and Louis gives him a pat on the back. Zayn looks at Louis in question but Louis just smiles back at him. Zayn understands that smile though, Louis is trying to say 'I'm happy for you' without doing it out loud. Zayn smiles back while Harry and Niall search the fridge. Liam looks over at Zayn as Josh is talking and gives him a wink.

Everything in this moment feels perfect.