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Fic Post: The Rose Epilogue

The Rose Epilogue

Four Years Later

Zayn can't believe this is happening. He never thought this day would come. Liam and him have been planning it for what has probably been a year, but it's still hard to believe.

Today is Zayn Malik's wedding day.

It feels unbelievable but not in a bad way like when you find out a close friend has died. It feels like when you visit Paris for the first time and you realize Paris is an actual real place. Which sounds ridiculous but thinking about it that way seems to be making perfect sense to Zayn.

He met Liam's parents the first year they were dating and they liked him. Liam's mum really liked Zayn and she would text him some days like they have always been good friends. Liam's dad was skeptical of Zayn at first. He met Zayn at a barbeque he was throwing to celebrate the pool being open. Zayn showed up in a black tank top and a black beanie so a lot of his tattoos were visible. Liam's parents know about Liam's tattoos although they've never approved of them. So now Zayn showing up unshaven with arms full of tattoos not to mention his chest tattoos as well that they saw when Zayn was swimming make Zayn look like he could be a bad influence. They weren't even aware Zayn smokes, but Liam's parents didn't know Liam smokes either.

Zayn wasn't thrilled that Liam's dad didn't like him. He wasn't overly upset over it though. He was weirdly happy Liam's dad didn't like him for his bad boy image, and not because he's gay.

Eventually Liam's dad warmed up to Zayn once he got to know him. He said he couldn't stay angry after he saw how happy Liam is with Zayn.

That was years ago though and now everything is fine. Even Zayn's dad has now accepted Zayn and his relationship with Liam. It's not like his dad is going to PFLAG or Pride parades in support or anything. He just accepted them and that's all Zayn really wanted.

Zayn looks down at his phone his ring tone playing All Back by Chris Brown. Liam and Zayn's favourite song and also the song that broke the ice on their first date.

“'Sup?” Zayn says into the phone.

“Zayn! Where are you?” Louis' voice practically shouts into the phone. “Are you chickening out? What's going on?”

“I'll be there in a minute, bro,” Zayn says with a smile as he hangs up on Louis.

Zayn is standing in a place he stood a long time ago. He feels like he was here centuries ago. He's standing in an alley where an old used bookstore closed down on one side. While on the other side is a twenty-four seven taco restaurant on the other. He stands in the alley that looks even more run down than when he was here before.

Zayn stares for a long time at the street art he did a long time ago. The picture is of a seed looking dead and incapable of living again. It lies in the snow looking fragile and lonely. Zayn feels self pity for himself seeing how sad he clearly was when he painted this. The picture now aged and the snow looking dirty and grey.

Zayn breathes in heavily and puts a bandana over his face as he shakes the spray paint can. He thinks he must look silly right now with his bandana on and his tuxedo on as well. He lets that sink in for a moment that this is the tuxedo he will be married in. Married!

He begins to paint over his old picture and is careful to get everything just right. His art skills have improved a lot in the years. Especially now that he is a freelance illustrator. Which is the perfect job for Zayn. He makes enough money to have a stable career which is amazing and rare in that kind of field.

Liam continues to work at the bank now promoted and earning even more money. Which feels insane 'cause Liam was already making what Zayn would probably call too much. Zayn moved so he lives in Liam's apartment now. While Niall moved in with Josh continuing on their casual relationship, that sometimes Zayn and the guys wonder is becoming more of a real relationship now.

Harry and Louis are still Harry and Louis. Nothing really changes in their lives. Louis is a dutiful man of honour to Zayn throwing an amazing bachelor party that Zayn hopes his parents never find out about. Harry has expressed thoughts of proposing to Louis but he adds on that he's not serious and just wondering. Liam thinks Harry's really serious about it though. Zayn laughs imagining Louis getting married and at first thinking Louis would never do it. When Zayn imagines Harry with Louis though at the altar together he can't see Louis saying 'no'.

An hour passes and Zayn knows he's really late now. He often arrives late to things though so he's pretty sure everyone will just have a laugh about it. At least he hopes so. He's pretty sure his mum won't find it that funny.

He adds on the finishing touches to his painting and stands back to see it all. He nods to himself happy with what he sees. He’s kept the snow and the seed looking the same way it did when he found it.

However he’s painted on a bright red rose that is beautiful and romantic. It looks very alive even though it is born from the seed that was presumably dead. It shows no sign of being fragile or dying anytime soon.

There is now a sun in the counter of the painting. It looks warm and almost soft as it shines down on the rose. It seems to be that the rose is doing well because of the sun. The sun's light clearly visible on the rose. Instead of drying the flower out though it just gives it life.

Zayn's phone buzzes with a text message. “Alright, I know!” He looks down at his phone to see a message from Liam.

'Ready? Where are you? :) - L.P'

Zayn's about to put his phone away when he feels his phone buzz again.


Zayn smiles to himself. He has to hurry because there's actually going to be two weddings today. One will be a traditional English wedding for Liam's family and one will be a traditional Pakistani wedding for Zayn's family. It's not like both their families won't attend each of the ceremonies it's just because both families wanted different things. Each ceremony no more important than the other. So Zayn has to really get a move on 'cause they have a tight schedule today.


Zayn stands at the altar with Liam smiling back at him. Niall, Harry and Louis and a few of Liam's friends along with Zayn's cousins are the groomsmen. Liam won't quit smiling and that only serves to make Zayn smile as well.

Zayn looks out into the audience seeing his family and friends on one side and Liam's family on the other. Liam's family are well dressed with the women all wearing elaborate hats. While Zayn's side has people equally as well dressed but the women are all wearing hijabs.

Zayn stares happily out at his family members, his mum wiping a tear from her eye. Which makes Zayn worry he's going to cry.

“This is so weird, man,” Louis whispers and Zayn looks over at him. “Like this is awesome but also like really weird.”

“I'm excited for the dance afterwards,” Harry grins.

“Yeah, well that won't be until after the next ceremony,” Zayn says.

“This day is going to be so long!” Niall complains.

“It's my wedding day, Niall, I only get one!” Zayn laughs.

“Well, who knows this could be the first of many-” Louis starts.

“No, no, don't,” Zayn says seriously.

“I'm really happy for you, Zayn,” Harry says.

“You don't even believe in marriage, Haz,” Louis laughs.

“I don't know, I think this is really nice...” Harry shrugs.

Louis gives him a curious look but Zayn doesn't hear him answer because Liam is trying to call Zayn over.

“Zayn, hey,” Liam says trying to get Zayn's attention.

“Yeah?” Zayn asks Liam as he hears his friends bickering behind him.

“I was going to show you this afterwards but I wanted to show you now,” Liam says. “It's probably stupid and cheesy but I wanted to show you.”

“What is it?” Zayn asks confused.

Liam digs into the pocket of his tuxedo and pulls out what looks to be a napkin. It looks old though and worn out.

“I kept it, I said I would keep it forever and that's still my goal,” Liam says quietly.

Zayn's eyes widen at the picture he drew four years ago. The one he drew at the restaurant where Niall was playing with his band and Zayn freaked out running into the rain. He can't believe Liam kept it all this time. It's just a simple drawing of a wolf that doesn't even mean anything. Which only seems to surprise Zayn more that Liam kept it. Liam kept a drawing that doesn't mean anything but since Zayn drew it it’s important to Liam. Zayn looks at it now and can see how much he's grown as an artist. Which only makes him think of how much everything in his life has changed. How upset he'd been at Liam and how scared he was at being in a relationship with him.

“You... I can't believe you still have this,” Zayn breathes. “I've drawn a lot more stuff for you since then, better stuff.”

“Yeah, and I love that too, it's just...” Liam shrugs, “This was the first one.”

Zayn looks up at Liam with awestruck eyes. The fact that he loves Liam so much and Liam seems to feel the same way about him blows his mind. He used to not believe anyone could love him this much until he met Liam.

Zayn leans over and kisses Liam causing a surprised gasp from Liam. Zayn can hear the pews full of their families cheering and it only serves to make Zayn kiss Liam harder.

“Okay, boys you guys can kiss in a few minutes,” Zayn hears a voice say. He and Liam separate and Zayn can see the minister standing between them with a smile.

So much has changed since all those years ago and yet it feels like nothing has at the same time. Zayn used to feel like being in your twenties was the shittiest time of a person's life. Which he still wouldn't disagree with. He's learned that while being in your twenties is shitty it's not all bad.

If you learn to live outside your comfort zone life can actually be pretty great. If you have great friends that support you and push you life can be even better. If you find someone you're happy with and want to spend your life with them that's good too.

So being in your twenties is shit but if you have friends or a special person in your life everything will seem worth it. The heartbreaks, the crap jobs and the uncertainty of what to do with your life will become bearable. As long as you have people who care about you and love you. Then your twenties suddenly don't feel that bad after all.

Thanks for reading! Please comment or watch the community!

Notes: I didn't mention the Niall/Josh relationship in the bio because it would be a spoiler. Also if I at all messed up anything about Zayn and his families culture or religion I am severely sorry.


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